Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spotted: Lorac, Urban Decay, NYX, Philosophy & More At Nordstorm Rack

Hey everyone! First off, I just wanted you wish you guys a Happy Easter. I hope you guys are all having a great day! Yesterday, I had some free time to myself and wanted to go check out Nordstorm Rack. Its been such a long time since I've shopped there and I knew that they were going to start carrying makeup sets that were released during the Holidays 2012 and boy, was I right! They had tons of makeup and even reorganized the store. They decided to move all the makeup near the cashiers. I guess people kept opening up products and stealing so they decided that it was better to move it closer to the employees. I do get a bit pissed when someone steals something from a set, especially if its the last set in stock. It happened to me twice, first with the Nars set (someone stole the blush from the set) and second with the Anastasia holiday palette (someone stole the brow gel from the set). Hopefully this new move will stop people from taking things. Anyways, while I was there, I spotted so many makeup sets from so many brands! If you live near a Nordstorm Rack (and are a makeup lover), I highly suggest you go check it out!

My Nordstorm Rack had a couple of the Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection sets. I think I arrived a bit late since there was three left and one of them was already opened. If you remember, these came out during the Holidays 2012. It was a Sephora exclusive and retailed for $59.00 plus tax when it first came out. Its crazy because now people are selling this on Amazon and eBay for like $100 and more. If you have been wanting this set, I highly suggest you go to Nordstorm Rack because its only $27.97 plus tax!!!! Better hurry because I see these going fast!
If you weren't interested in the Sephora exclusive, you might be interested in the Ulta exclusive instead! These are also at Nordstorm Rack. These come with four palettes instead. There are 2 eyeshadow palettes, one gel/cream liner palette, and a lip palette. When this first came out during the Holidays, it was $49.00 plus tax but now its only $17.97 plus tax at Nordstorm Rack!!

There was also other Lorac goodies as well. There were lipglosses, mascaras, and bronzers! If you love Lorac and/or have been wanting to try out Lorac products but don't want to pay full price, this is definitely the way to go! Most of the sets here were just realized during the Holidays so if you wanted them when they first came out, now is definitely the time. Besides Lorac, there is also a ton of NYX makeup. Most of them were the usual products (from their core collection) but I did spot something new, which is the NYX Spring Fling palette. It comes with eyeshadows, blushes, and lip products for only $14.97 plus tax. I did spot some Too Faced products as well but there wasn't that many. One set that did catch my eyes was the Too Faced Color Confections palette. It was originally $29.00 but now its only $11.97 plus tax.
There was also a bunch of Urban Decay products. If you are a fan of their primer potion and their setting spray, this is definitely a great time for you to stock up. They had full size of the original primer potion (old packaging) and their mini size setting sprays. There was also a couple of palettes as well. Plus a couple of Stila sets on sale too.

One other brand that surprised me when I first saw them was Butter London! There was two sets from Butter London that included a nail polish and a lip gloss. Both sets were originally $19.00 but are now $11.97 plus tax. There were also nail polish remover sets as well for only $8.97 each and lip gloss sets for $14.97 plus tax. Another high brand that I was happy to see was Philosophy! There were a couple of Philosophy sets but I only managed to take a picture of one of their sets, which was only $59.97 plus tax!

If you are a fan of any of these products and have been wanting to get them, I highly suggest checking out your Nordstorm Rack! I actually might go back since I have been regretting not buying the Lorac Eye Candy Full Face set. Its just so pretty and so hard to pass up! What do you guys think?

Do you shop at Nordstorm Rack?
Are you going to be getting any of these products?

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  1. WOW! I definitely need to check out my nordstrom rack!

    1. Yes definitely, especially if you love all these brands!

  2. You know how obsessed I am with Nordstrom Rack!! I was just there the other day and I also spotted lots of Smashbox holiday sets, so keep on the lookout for those too! Now I will be patiently waiting for that Philosophy set to show up, as well as the Lorac Eye Candy set! I will be ALL OVER those!!

    1. LOL Yes I know how obsessed you are with that store! ;) I definitely can't wait for the Smashbox palettes to show up since I don't own any Smashbox palettes and have heard great things about the brand! Dang, maybe I should go back and get the Lorac Eye Candy set! Its just so hard!

  3. :( I am so jealous, I wish we had this in Canada!

    1. Aww that sucks. I never knew that there were no Nordstorm Racks in Canada... Hopefully one will open there soon.


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