Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spotted: Revlon The Pacific Coast Collection

Hey everyone! This is the second and last new display that I spotted at my CVS store. If you didn't know, Revlon tends to come out with new collections by Gucci Westman about each season. This new collection is for Spring 2013 and is called The Pacific Coast collection. According to the pamphlets, this collection claims to be "an irresistible island vibe accented with acidic color [and] is the essence of Spring 2013. Inspired by sculptural sea glass with a touch of Tahitian glamour, the look is confident and fresh. Aspire to be both optimistic and desirable this season with exotic shades of the surf."

What is exciting about this display is that Revlon recently came out with new shades for some of their popular products. One of the things that I am looking forward to is the new lip butter shades! They recently came out with 4 new shades. I think they actually came out with more new shades but I only saw four in this collection: Pink Lemonade, Sorbet, Wild Watermelon, and Juicy Papaya. Can I just say that I love the names of the new shades! Pink Lemonade looks like it is a pinky shade. Sorbet looks like a fuchsia pink. Wild Watermelon looks like a red and Juicy Papaya looks like a tangy orange. I haven't seen swatches of these but that what they look like from the clear top. These were $8.29 at my CVS but prices vary by stores.

They also came out with 4 new ColorStay LongWear polishes shades: Seashell, Tradewinds, Jungle, and Sunburst. Seashell looks like a gorgeous peach. Tradewinds looks like a nude taupe. Jungle looks like a black with hints of green but I could be wrong since I can't remember exactly what that polishes look like. Sunburst is an orange shade. These were also $8.29 but prices very by stores.

There are two new shades for the ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad: Sea Mist and Free Spirit. Sea Mist looks like a gorgeous quad. If I had to get one, I would probably end getting that one because of the beautiful shades. The shades in Sun Mist are peach, aubergine, teal blue, and a deep emerald. Free Spirit looks like it would be a great palette for those who are in love with creating eye looks using blue shadows, which is great for the Summer. It has a tan brown, black, periwinkle blue, and a cobalt blue. These were $7.79 at my CVS but prices vary by stores.

There was also a creme gel eye liner from the ColorStay line. I don't know if this shade is new or already part of their current core collection but it is in White Mist. Its basically a white gel eye liner. I probably won't be trying this because I don't think using white eye liner would personally look nice on me. To me, it seems like a weird idea to be using a white gel eye liner but thats just my opinion. Let me know what you guys think? Would you guys be rocking the white gel eye liner look? This was $10.79 but remember prices vary by stores and not all CVS stores have the same prices.

The last products on this display are what I was most interested in and saved for last! These are new products from Revlon and I don't know if they are going to become permanent or if there are going to be more shades for these but I am excited for these. They are the Revlon Baby Sticks for Lips & Cheeks!! In this display, there are three new shades: Pink Passion, Tahitian, and Sunset. Pink Passion looks like a bright pink. Tahitian looks like a pale pink compared to Pink Passion and Sunset looks like an orangey-red blush. Keep in mind, I haven't seen any swatches of these. I am just assuming what the shades are by the color of their packaging. All three look like gorgeous shades, especially for the Spring and definitely the Summer. One thing that I wonder is if they are going to have the same formula and consistency as their Revlon PhotoReady cream blushes but in tube form. These are $9.29 at my CVS but prices vary. What do you guys think? Are you guys excited to try these?

Have you seen this new display at your store?
Which products are you excited to try, if any?

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