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Review/Swatches: NYX Caviar & Bubbles 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette

Hey everyone! If you know me or have been though my collection, then you would know that I have a couple of palettes with neutral eyeshadows. I don't know why but I just love wearing neutral shades. I do admit that I do have way more than I would actually need but I can never help it when I could get an palette for a great deal. The last neutral eyeshadow palette that I bought was the NYX Caviar & Bubbles 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette. I think I had this palette for about two months now and thought that it was finally time to do a review! Also, just in case some of you readers didn't know, Caviar & Bubbles is the same palette as Champagne & Bubbles. For some reason NYX decided to change the name.

The palette comes in your typical black packaging. Its a pretty sturdy palette, which I find can be travel friendly. It also includes a mirror inside the compact, which is great because the mirror is the same size as the compact. Its great to use for touch-ups throughout the day or to put your makeup on in the mirror, if you are in need of a mirror.

I actually bought this palette with an ULTA coupon. They had their $5 off $10 purchase so I only paid about $6-$7 for this, which is a great deal. I think the original price is around $12.99 plus tax.

I tried looking for this palette on the ULTA website but couldn't find it anymore. I don't know if these are getting discontinued or not but if you do, please let me know. If these aren't getting discontinued, you can find these almost anywhere NYX Cosmetics are sold.

All the swatches done in the pictures with done with one or two swipes. The first couple of swatches were done without a primer and the later pictures show swatches done with an eyeshadow primer. I could have swatched them a bunch of times to get the colors to show up more on camera but I find that can be deceiving. I know that there are some blogs that have that where they would swatch the product a bunch of times but not talk about the pigmentation and I end up buying the same products only to learn that its not as pigmented as I was lead to believe.

For me, this palette has good pigmentation. There are some shades that don't show up well. With this palette, you would definitely need to use an eyeshadow primer so if you are a person who doesn't use an eyeshadow primer everyday then this palette might not be for you.

  • Neutral shades (great for those who love wearing everyday shades)
  • Travel friendly (comes with ten shades so its great to bring for creating different eye looks)
  • Sturdy packaging (doesn't feel like the palette will break if I chuck it in my purse)
  • Includes both mattes and shimmers (4 mattes and 6 shimmers)
  • Affordable (around $12.99 but you can get it on sale sometimes)
  • Similar shades (some shades in this palette are similar to one another)
  • Powdery, chalky finish
  • Fallout (only some shades)
For me, my overall thoughts are just middle ground about this palette. I feel like this palette didn't really add any extra zest to my makeup collection and that I could have gone without it. I have thought about returning it back to ULTA but I wasn't sure if I could since I bought it in December 2012. The reason why I just feel like this palette is alright is because some of the shades are quite similar so I feel like all the eye looks that I end up creating come out looking the same. Even though the packaging is sturdy and sleek, I still wouldn't bring this with me on vacation since I would want to wear different eye looks from time to time and this palette just wouldn't do that for me. Plus because of the pigmentation, I feel like I have to use a ton of shadow primer to have the colors show through more. I am sure that you can see how well using an eye shadow primer makes the shadows more pigmented in the pictures above. I think this palette might be okay for beginners but if you are someone who likes a palette with a variety of neutral shades, this might not be for you since some of the shades are really similar. Plus if you love doing bold eye look everyday, this might not be for you either.

Have you ever tried NYX Cosmetics before?
What do you think about Caviar & Bubbles?
Do you have this palette and if so, what do you think about it?

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