Friday, March 8, 2013

Sally's Beauty Haul (Feat. Nail Polishes & Face Brush)

Hey everyone! I thought that it was finally time to show you guys my haul from Sally's Beauty store. I haven't been there in such a long time and rarely go there because I usually would just go to warehouse nail stores since I could get name brand polishes for a couple dollar cheaper. This haul was done a few weeks ago, during President's Day when Sally's Beauty was having a sale where everything with a red tag is additional 50% off!! That is usually the only time where I go shopping there because you can get polishes for such great prices. I only picked out a couple of items because I arrived late into the sale and most of the containers were empty or picked through heavily. These are all the items that I bought:

FINGER PAINTS "Sparkle Top Coat" LOL When I bought this, I didn't know that it was a top coat. I thought that it was just pretty and that I wanted it. This is my first Finger Paints polish so hopefully I will end up liking it. This also reminds me of my China Glaze "Luxe And Lush" polish, which was in the Hunger Games collection. I didn't realize it until I got home and was looking through my collection. They both look pretty much the same but "Luxe And Lush" has flakes where as "Sparkle Top Coat" has bar glitters. I'm thinking of doing a comparison post but am not sure. If you would like to see one, please let me know.

CHINA GLAZE Makin' Memories Set This set came out in December 2012 so I was surprised that my Sally's still had it but nonetheless, I was happy because I got such a great deal on it. It comes with two China Glaze polishes: 1115 Winter Holly and 1111 Red Satin. Red Satin is a gorgeous red with a blue base. It takes two coats to make it opaque. Winter Holly has got to be one of my favorite greens. It is a green polish with gold glitter. The set also includes a mini picture frame. I thought it was so cute because it was shaped into the word, Joy. Plus it had a picture of a dog wearing a Santa hat so that helped sold it. LOL I gave the picture frame to my little brother since that was the only way that he was letting me buy these polishes since he made a promise to help me stop buying nail polishes. Haha! Our little secret deal. Shh...

FACE SECRETS Face Brush This reminded me so much of the ones from Sephora but I got mines for under a dollar because of the sale. I did buy one from Sephora last year but the bristles were starting to get dirty so I thought that it was time to get another one. Hopefully the bristles are sturdy and won't shred when I wash it.

So those are all the items that I bought from Sally's Beauty. I actually can't wait for the next time they have this sale again because I love getting polishes for such great prices. If you would like to see more information on any of these products, please let me know. As with everything, I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts!!

Have you ever been to Sally's Beauty before?
What do you think of the polishes that I bought?
Have you ever tried a face brush?

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