Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spotted: Sinful Colors Almost Famous LE Glitters Collection

Hey everyone! This is the last new display that I spotted at my Walgreens. I actually spotted this display a few days ago and just recently had the time to type this post up. Let me just say, that when I saw this collection, I pretty much wanted every polish featured. If you didn't know, Sinful Colors recently came out with a collection full of glitter polishes! So if you are a fan of glitters, I highly recommend you go and check this collection before it sells out since it is a LE (limited edition) collection. It is the Sinful Colors Almost Famous collection!

In this collection, there are seven glitter polishes. I don't have the names of the polishes. I actually didn't have time to jot down all the names and plus the person working at the beauty counter was staring at me funny. LOL I also tried taking close-ups pictures but my camera just couldn't focus well on the glitters. Later I found out, it was because someone had actually turned off the macro setting. Essh. Probably me by mistake.

Have you seen this new collection from Sinful Colors yet?
Are you a fan of glitter polishes?

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  1. Some store don't allow pictures to be taken. I know one time I tried on a pair of glasses and asked my sister to take a pic and they told us we have to delete the picture, lol. Ughh why so stingy? It's just a picture and on top of that it could potentially promote the product for them. Some stores are so stupid. They don't even realize that we are marketing for them for free!

    1. Oh wow, thats crazy that they made you delete the picture. Sometimes I think those types of policies are so dumb. I never had any problems with that before but I always try to take pictures when the employees aren't around but sometimes they do end up walking past me. I know right, it is free marketing for them.


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