Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spotted: Kiss Gradation Polishes & Top Coat Trio

Hey everyone! I just got back from my CVS and thought that I should share some of the new displays that I was lucky enough to spot. I also came back with some goodies, so expect a haul post soon but right now, lets talk about the Kiss Gradation Polishes and the Kiss Top Coat Trio. I love how Kiss has already started coming out with sets for gradient manicures since its the latest trend. Usually drugstore brands are slow with nail polish trends so its nice to see one sooner than usual. I actually got really happy when I saw these sets for creating a gradient mani because I have tried this trend before and lets just say that I sucked at it. It came out looking horrible that I had to take it off my nails right away.

One of the sets on the display was the Kiss Top Coat Trio. This is a great set for those that love having different finishes with their nails. Plus I think this is great for beginners because they wouldn't have to buy so many polishes since they can change the look of the ones that they have with these top coats. There are three top coats in this set: gloss, matte, and shimmery. This is definitely a great set that I think many beginners and nail polish lovers will like. I haven't tried these yet so I don't know about the quality but they do seem pretty good.

The other two sets that were in the display were for creating gradient manicures and they are the Kiss Gradation Polishes. Each gradient set contains three polishes for three steps. Plus whats great about these is that you can also use the polishes on its own when you are not feeling the gradient trend. One set is for creating a pink gradient effect and another for a blue one. Can you guess which one I am going to pick up? LOL

So those are all the sets in this new display from Kiss. Please let me know if you spotted this new display at your store and whether you are going to be picking up any of these. I would also love to know what you guys think about gradation polishes and whether you think its still in trend. So far, I have seen this new display only at CVS but who knows it might pop up at Walgreens as well. By the way, these were $7.29 each at my CVS store.

Have you seen this new display yet?
Are you still in love the gradation polishes?

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  1. I too don't do gradient nail art very well. It somehow gets incredibly messy for me. I noticed these at my Walmart,oh about a month ago,and thought it was weird. Now I see Yves Saint Laurent is coming out with some polishes that are a similar concept called Tie and Dye. Only theirs are like $25 a bottle for one color,and then I thought,OMG, those Kiss polishes I saw are the same thing,only not exactly the same,but you get what I am saying.I think I might like to try the blue set.

    1. I recently saw another set for the Kiss Gradation Polishes set but with black glitters, in case you like black polishes too! I havem't seen the ones by YSL but then again, I can't afford it so I don't usually keep track of their products, except for their lipsticks which are gorgeous. Now I definitely wish I had some of those in my collection to wear all the time. LOL

  2. I found the pink set and was really excited since I too am awful at blending, I live it

    1. Thats great that you found the pink set as well! I would love to see how it turned out!


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