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February 2013 Favorites

Hey everyone! Oh wow, February has already come and gone. I guess it shouldn't be such a surprise since February is the shortest month of the year with only 28 days. I am surprised that I didn't use a bunch of different products in February since I wanted to use up some the products that I have been neglecting lately. Some of these are products that I bought recently and a couple were products that I bought months ago. All-in-all, I am really liking all these products and you will definitely be seeing some of these repeat for March.

  • REVLON Nearly Naked Pressed Powder "010 Fair"
    Since I bought this, I have been using it everyday! I just love it so much. It doesn't feel heavy on my face or make my skin irritated like some powders do. It feels so silky whenever I apply it. I love applying this with a big powder brush. This is definitely a great setting powder. To see my review on this as well as the Nearly Naked Foundation, you can CLICK HERE
  • L'OREAL True Match Lumi Foundation "W4"
    I really like this foundation and love it for the winter but I think when the summer comes, I probably won't be using this that much or at all. It does give my skin that luminous glow but by the end of the day, I feel like the glow just looks like an oily mess. Even with a pressed powder on top, it still looks a bit oily at the end of the day. If you would like to see a review on this, please let me know. 
  • ALMAY Clear Complexion Foundation "600 Sand"
    I love this foundation! I used to get a ton of acne or blemishes but since using this (and probably taking Biotin LOL), my skin has broke out like it used to. Nowadays, I would get one or two pimples whereas before I would get around five. Yes that much! This foundation doesn't irritate my skin and it doesn't make me oily throughout the day. I pretty much use this foundation everyday. If you would like to see a review on this, please let me know. 
  • ECOTOOLS Small Blending Brush
    I love this blending brush. It makes it so easy to apply and blend any shadows for the crease. Plus I love using this to apply color onto the outer corners of my lids as well. Its such a great brush. Its soft yet dense at the same time. 
  • TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush "Fantastic"I don't remember which holiday collection this blush came with but I am so glad that I bought it. I think it came with the Tarte Fantastic Foursome Blush set. Fantastic is a gorgeous blush. Its a matte pink. It does look a bit scary in the pan, but when applied onto the cheeks, its actually a sheer pink. 


  • ELF STUDIO Lip Lock Pencil
    I bought this a few months ago. I bought this because whenever I am wearing lip gloss or lipstick on my lips, they usually travel up since I tend to rub my lips together a lot. I have used this everyday and I am really loving it. It does its job. Plus if you tend to highlight the area around your lips, you might like this as well since it gives off that effect. Its clear but you can see a highlighted effect lining your lips, which I really like since it makes my lips look fuller. If you would like to see a review on this, please let me know. 
  • NIVEA Lip Butter "Raspberry Rose Kiss"
    I bought this when CVS was having their 2/$5 sale and wish I had bought more because I really love it. I use this in the morning and at night. It keeps my lips moisturized. Plus the scent of this is delicious. Just make sure that you don't apply too much otherwise, your lips will have a whitish appearance to them. I have a review on this, if you would like to check it out, you can CLICK HERE to see it.
  • TARTE Lip Gloss "Mel"I really love this lip gloss! Its not sticky at all, plus its pigmented. This is a deluxe size, which was in one of their holiday collections but I love how its small and great to travel with. It doesn't take up a lot of space in my makeup. To see a swatch of this, you can CLICK HERE
  • RIMMEL Lasting Finish Lipstick "028 Celeb"The one that I have is in the old packaging. I love these lipsticks from Rimmel. They are so pigmented and moisturizing. I love wearing this with Mel on top on some days. If you would like to see swatches of this, you can CLICK HERE
  • REVLON Lip Butter "070 Cherry Tart"I love these lip butters! I own so many of these. Cherry Tart is a red but its not as bold as a red lipstick. This is a more softer version of a red lipstick. I love wearing this with soft neutral eye looks because I feel like it completes the whole face. 

  • NEUTROGENA Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
    This is such a great makeup remover for waterproof eye makeup. It never irritates my eyes and it doesn't take a ton of rubbing to get off all the makeup off. I have tried the Target dupe to this and to me, its pretty much the same. 
  • ST. IVES Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser
    I love this cleanser so much! It smells pretty good and bubbles easily. You only need a little of this. This isn't intended to remove makeup but I use makeup remover wipes for this. I just use this after removing all my makeup with wipes. It makes my face feel clean and doesn't tighten my skin up after washing. Since using this for over a month, I noticed that my face has been getting less breakouts. 

  • BBW Aromatherapy Stress Relief Pillow Mist "Eucalyptus Spearmint"
    In case, you don't know what this is, it is a mist that you would spray onto your pillow before you sleep. It claims to relief stress and for me, I think it works. I bought this a while back when I was working in a stressful environment last year. I would half wake up in the middle of the night, thinking I am at work and start moving about like I am at work in my bed. I wouldn't really get up and walk around all the time so i wouldn't really call it sleep walking. Most of the time I would just act everything out sitting up in my bed. LOL It was horrible and really tired me out during the day. Anyways, I bought this hoping that it would calm me down for the night and it did. Plus it smells so good. I would just spray this a couple of times onto my pillow and let the scent settle in before I lay my head on my pillow. 
So those are all the products that I have been loving in February! I know that it isn't a lot but thats because I didn't want this post to be consumed with a bunch of products. I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about any of these products, don't hesitate to ask. Keep in mind that some of these products are products that I have already reviewed, so please feel free to check those out. As always, thank you for reading my posts!

Have you ever tried any of these products before?
What products were in your February favorites?

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