Monday, March 4, 2013

OOTD: Casual & Comfy Outfit

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show you guys one of my outfits that I wore last week. I was just running some errands for the day so I wanted to dress comfy since I was going to be doing a lot of driving and walking. When you know you are going to walking around a lot, you definitely know that you need to wear your flats. It was a bit chilly outside so I decided to wear my 3/4 sleeve black sweater. I also wore this outfit with my Forever21 skinnies. Man I love these jeans and wish that I had bought a whole bunch when I had the chance because these babies give you some stretch whereas the ones that they have in the stores don't and have them chemical smell to them. I had actually ordered a pair last year online and for some reason, no matter how much I wash them, they still have that weird chemical smell to them so I don't even wear them. They are just lying in my dresser untouched and since then I haven't bought any jeans from Forever21. Okay enough of my rambling. LOL For my jewelry, I wore some pieces that I bought online from eBay. Expect a haul post soon showing all the pieces that I ordered from eBay with closeups of each piece...
◊ 3/4 Sleeve Black Sweater - Target $7.44
◊ Forever21 Skinnies - Forever21 $9.80
◊ Black Flats - Payless $14.99
◊ Black Purse - JcPenney $15
◊ Necklace - eBay $2-$3
◊ Bracelet - eBay $1-$2
So those are all the pieces that I wore for that day. Overall I know that its a simple outfit but at least it was comfy for me to wear all day and the plus side, I still looked alright. Haha! If you have any other questions about any of the pieces that I wore for this outfit, definitely let me know.
What do you guys think about my outfit?
Have you ever ordered from eBay before?
What do you think of Forever21 skinnies?

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  1. Hello Purty-
    Wow has it ever been a Monday around here! Hope yours was super awesome. Keep up the great posts, I enjoy learning from you! I have not purchased much off of eBay but I sure sell alot!
    Ciao ciao for now!
    P.S. I’m doing a free webinar for beauty consultants, if you know an Avon, Arbonne or MaryKay lady who could use more sales and bridal clients, would you share this link? Thanks!


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