Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Haul: Clean & Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Drying Paste & Morning Burst Body Wash

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show you guys what I recently bought at Target. I went in just to see what they had for Easter and to see if I could get anything good for my little brother. I did end up walking out with a couple of items, mostly food, and this one beauty item. If you have been with me for a while, then you would know that I love Clean & Clear products. Some of their products have really helped with my skin so when I saw this product in the clearance section, I knew that I had to pick it up. I would have picked up another one but this was the last one. Regular price, it was $6.29 but it was on clearance for $3.14 plus I had a $1 off Clean & Clear coupon, meaning I only paid $2.14 plus tax for these two items. I thought that was a good deal since Clean & Clear Advantage products tend to be around $6 for a little tube for spot pimples.

This comes with the Clean & Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Drying Paste. Since I bought it, I have only tried it once and I like it. I know its not good to pop pimples but sometimes when I get a really big one, I can't help it so this drying paste helps relief the swelling and redness. It also come with a bonus item, which is their Clean & Clear Morning Burst Boost Body Wash. I love this body wash because its great for my back. For some reason, when I use any other body wash, my back tends to get itchy but whenever I use this body wash, I get no rashes on my back. Plus it smells really good. LOL This is a great travel size!

So that is the only beauty item that I bought from Target recently! So far, I am very happy with my purchase. I am so glad with the great price that I paid for these two Clean & Clear items. If you have never tried Clean & Clear before, I recommend giving the brand a chance. Who knows, you might end up liking it.

Have you ever tried Clean & Clear before?
Do you use drying pastes?
What body wash do you use?

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