Sunday, March 24, 2013

Swatches: LA Colors Bold Eyes "Lively"

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to get this post up for a while now but I just had other posts that I wanted to get up first so I left this on my backburner. Since I have some time today, I figured that i might as well start typing it up since I already took pictures of everything. It would just be waste if I didn't do the post. This is actually the first makeup product that I have tried from LA Colors. I do have a couple of their nail polishes, which are okay but I have always been curious about their makeup. I always see them at my Dollar Tree but never got any to try out until a few months ago. The products that interested me the most from the brand was their eyeshadows. I have seen a couple of reviews on their eyeshadows but never on the Bold Eyes palettes so I picked one up.

The one that I decided to buy is the LA Colors Bold Eyes "CP124 Lively" because of the colors. I thought that the palette was interesting enough to try because each shadow has "splatters" of another shade on them. I hope you guys understood me. LOL I never tried any shdows that looked like that before but I have seen them in some of the ELF palettes.

These were alright but if you are not a fan of shimmery shades, then I wouldn't recommend this for you. Plus the shadows are a bit on the powdery side, which you can tell from my finger swatches (shown above).


You would definitely need an eye shadow primer with these. I had to swatch them a bunch of times to get the colors to show up on the camera. I would not recommend this palette. If you are looking for inexpensive eyeshadows for a dollar, I would recommend ELF eyeshadows but if you are willing to spend a bit more, then try Wet N Wild eyeshadows.

Have you ever tried LA Colors makeup before?
Have you tried LA Colors eyeshadows?

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  1. It's a shame these look so lovely in the pallette,and then become disappointing once you swatch them.

    1. Yeah thats true. I had to pack these on like crazy whenever I wear these. Takes a lot of time just to get the colors to show up.


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