Monday, March 11, 2013

Spotted: Maybelline High Shine Lip Gloss (New Shades) Limited Edition

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show you guys another new display from Maybelline featuring new limited edition shades for their ColorSensational High Shine Lip Glosses in their new Spring 2013 collection, Color Goes Electric. I haven't tried these lipglosses yet but I have heard that they are extremely glossy on the lips. I actually might have to pick up a couple of these to try out and review.

There are six new limited edition shades in this collection:
◊ 200 KnockOut Pearl
◊ 210 Fiercely Fuchsia
◊ 220 Striking Peach
◊ 230 Punch Of Pink
◊ 240 Mirrored Plum
◊ 250 Riveting Rose

The two that I would probably pick up to try would be Fiercely Fuchsia and Mirrored Plum. Both look extremely gorgeous and pigmented in the tube. Riveting Rose looks gorgeous too so I might have to pick that one up as well. Hopefully these are as great as all the reviews that I have seen on these. Let me know if you have tried these and what you think of them. 

Have you seen these new limited edition shades yet?
Which would you pick up, if any?

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  1. I just bought the Striking Peach color and I have to say I'm disappointed. I bought it because it seemed to be the color that the blonde model with the blue eyeliner was wearing in the pictures that accompanied the display; it was the only product there that seemed it could be. However, the actual lipgloss--while it does feel very smooth on my lips and provides high shine--has next to no pigmentation at all. Quite disappointing as they all seemed rather pigmented and full of color. This went on as a sheer, very lightly tinted, clear gloss.

    1. Aww sad to hear that Striking Peach didn't reach your expectations. It looks gorgeous in the tube. I definitely have to go back to the display and see what the model is wearing on her lips. Displays usually list the lip color that the model is wearing, if they are using one of the products. I have to check that out and I'll let you know.

    2. I went back to the Walgreens where I took these pictures and there was no model or anyone that was blonde with blue eyeliner. The display at my CVS only had a full size picture of lips and on the actual display, it said that the color shown was 250 Riveting Rose. I hope that helps...


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