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June 2012 Favorites

Hey everyone! Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of July already? Wow, I can't believe how fast this year is going by. I feel like yesterday was New Years' Eve and now we are already half way through the year. This month, I don't really have that many favorites. Some of these products are products that I always use in the Summer because they help keep my makeup lasting longer. Plus they don't melt off my face or make my face oiler during those hot days. Okay so lets get onto the products that I have been loving in the month of June!!

Okay, I know that some people might not actually like this primer because they dislike the feel of silicone but I don't really mind it. Its a great primer and as long as it doesn't break me out and keeps my makeup lasting longer than I am going to continue using it. Not only does it keep my foundation on all day, it also gives my face an almost pore-less look. For right now, I only have the travel size (which is in the old packaging) but thats fine because this little baby will last me a long time, especially since I only use foundation primer during the Summer.

The shade that I have is Light/Medium. It was a little bit dark for me but since Summer is here and my face is a little bit tanner, this has been the perfect shade for me. I love using this concealer to cover up my pimples because this is the one concealer, that I have found, that doesn't irritate my pimples (popped or unpopped) at all. Keep in mind that this concealer does contain salicylic acid but not enough that it starts burning like acne gels. The packaging is pretty much like a lip gloss and what I like to do is just dab some onto the back of my hand and then use my fingers to apply the concealer onto the places that I need it.

Now if you been keeping up with my posts or blog, then you would know that I love this foundation. I love it so much that I even bought back-ups of it. This is my last one that I have in the old packaging and I can't wait to try out the new ones that I bought because the newer packaging comes with a pump! This is the one foundation that doesn't irritate my pimples like the Revlon ColorStay foundation does. Plus its not heavy and it gives off the perfect coverage that I need. I use this foundation everyday and whats great about it is that during the hot days, it doesn't melt off well at least for me anyways.

This brush is so huge that whenever its in my hands I feel like its a microphone and it makes me want to start singing. LOL I like using this brush for many different things like after applying my foundation, I like to use this brush to make sure that my foundation is fully blended or I would sometimes like to use it to apply my blush. I have used this brush to apply my bronzer but for right now, I like using it to blend out my foundation.

If you didn't know already, this brush is included in the CVS clearance sale. Right now, its 75% off on clearance, so the price is around $1.75USD plus tax. Plus what makes it even better is that inside the actual packaging, there is a coupon for a dollar off any Essence of Beauty purchase and it has no expiration. So it you want to try out this brush, now is definitely the best time before they are all sold out. This is a pretty good duo ended brush. One is side is a large eye shadow brush that I like to use to apply shadow all over my lid. On the other side is a dome crease brush, which I use to apply shadow into the outer corners of my eye lids. Overall, its a nice brush to have. I have washed it a couple of times already and so far, no shredding.

This is in 05 Blushed Wines and all the shades have shimmer finishes. I bought this a while back during the CVS clearance sale last year. I bought pretty much all their quads but only kept this one and gave the rest away. I don't think Revlon sells a quad similar to the shades in Blushed Wines but I could be wrong. If you have seen one similar to these shades, please let me know. This quad comes with four pretty shades that can all be used for one eye look. For me, I don't use all four in one eye look because I like to have a shimmer lid and outer corner color but I like to keep my crease and highlight matte. All-in-all, the shades are pigmented and soft to the touch. If you would like to see a separate post with swatches of this quad, definitely let me know.

Now I am sure everyone knows about this palette. It is the most talked about palettes from Urban Decay besides the Naked 2 palette. I bought this palette a couple of months ago and I have been using it almost everyday. I try not to use it all the time because I have a bunch of other shadows that I don't want to neglect and collect dust. In this whole palette, there are five shades that I constantly use. They are Virgin (highlight), Sin (lid), Naked (crease), Buck (crease), and Toasted (outer corner). If you would like to see some EOTD posts using this palette, definitely let me know and I will come up with some.

I have this in Blackest Black. I love this mascara because it gives my lashes length. I like to use this mascara layered over my other mascaras. This is the one mascara, that I have tried, that makes my lashes look longer. Not only does it give my lashes length, it also holds a curl all day.

The shade that I have is Barely Legal and Too Faced describes this as a "marshmallow pink," which I think describes this shade really well. This is the one lip gloss that I always keep in my purse and has been one of the lip glosses that I have been wearing almost all day for the month of June. I really like everything about this lip gloss like the packaging and the color. At first, I didn't really like the tingly mint sensation that it gave to my lips but after a while, I got used to it. This is supposed to give your lips a plumper look but my lips are already full (but not full to the point of Angelina Jolie lips) so I can't really say if it actually plumps your lips.

I have this in the shade 645U Big Apple Blush and its a gorgeous pink. For those hot days, I like to use this and aplly a powder blush on top to make it last longer. I love blush and my favorite blush shades are pink blushes. I just think that pink goes well with my skintone and plus it goes with pretty much every look. The creme blush is very easy to apply and blend out on the cheeks. These are now discontinued but I have heard that some people have been spotting them at their Dollar Tree, so if you are interested, you can check there before they are all gone.

I have this in the shade 006 Autumn Catwalk. I have been wearing this blush almost everyday because its a gorgeous pink blush. This blush comes with three shades and I love blending all three shades together. This blush just gives my cheeks a glowy pink color. You can use each shade alone or blend them all together. I never tried wearing them a lone before but I love all of them together. To see my review with swatches of Autumn Catwalk, you can CLICK HERE.

So that is all for my June 2012 favorites! These are all the products that I have been using and loving for June. I am sure that some of these products will continue to move onto my July favorites like the Almay Clear Complexion foundation. If you have any questions or would like to see reviews and swatches on certain products, definitely let me know! Plus if you love any of these products as well, definitely let me know. I would love to know which products made it into your monthly favorites as well.

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Walgreens Haul (Feat. Ardell & Walgreens Facial Lotion)

Hey everyone! Remember when I went to Walgreens last week and bought a couple of Ardell lashes because they were on clearance! If you would like to see that post, you can CLICK HERE. I was told that they were going to clearance some more Ardell lashes and I am glad that I listened because there were a couple more. I guess I came a little bit late because there were only three left but thats better than nothing. I also bought some facial lotions because they were on clearance as well.

Walgreens Oil-Free Moisturizing Facial Lotion SPF15 (X2)
I never tried Walgreens brand skincare before but these were on clearance. I was going to buy all of them but there were only three left and one was already opened and out of its packaging. I hate it when people do that. This Walgreens facial lotion is supposedly comparable to Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF15 Lotion, which I have never tried before either but have heard good reviews about it. Since it was comparable to a pretty known drugstore skincare brand, Neutrogena, I decided to get it to try out. I bought two, one for myself and one for my mom to try out as well. These will probably be great for the Summer because they have SPF15 and they provide UVA/UVB protection. Plus they are also fragrance-free and won't clog pores, which is definitely great for those hot Summer days. These were on clearance for $0.89USD each!! Now that my friend is definitely a great deal!!

Ardell Special Occasion Lashes "Amore"
Ardell Special Occasion Lashes "Fairytale"
Ardell Special Occasion Lashes "Sublime"
Omg! I don't really need anymore false lashes but these were at such a great deal that I couldn't pass up. Plus they are still regularly priced at other stores. These were on clearance for $0.85USD each. Can you believe that? All these lashes were under a dollar each!! I love each of these lashes. They all look so cute! My favorite would have to be Amore because of how it looks but that might change once they are worn on. LOL

So that is all for my Walgreens haul!! Hopefully you all liked it and liked all the great deals that I was lucky enough to get! All of these items were under a dollar each and plus I had RRs, which made my OOP (out of pocket) even smaller. This was definitely a great haul for me IMO.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spotted: WnW & Rimmel

Hey everyone! Its been a while since I have seen new products from Rimmel since they came out with the Kate Moss lipsticks. I still haven't had a chance to try out those lipsticks yet but I do know that the red one from that line is the most popular and has always been sold out at my Walgreens, which is fine for now because I have been using m lip glosses more often now. Since I was at Walgreens during the weekend because I had some RRs thats were going to expire, I decided to look around to see if they had any new displays. There was only this one by Rimmels and another from WnW.

First, I am going to talk about the Rimmel products. Rimmel has recently came out with display of lip glosses called the Stay Glossy 6HR Lip Gloss. I think this is just a display for new shades because it says that they won the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award in 2011 and the lip glosses also won the 2011 award for the Seventeen's Best Beauty Award. On the display, it says "largest selection 24 shades available" but I am not sure if they mean that its the largest selection for Rimmel or for all drugstore lip glosses. What do you guys think? Definitely let me know!!

For this display, the new shades are (starting from left to right):
➸ 260 My Eternity
➸ 340 Captivate Me
➸ 640 All Day Seduction
➸ 160 Stay My Roose
➸ 050 Unlimited Gold
➸ 120 Non Stop Glamour
➸ 140 Always Lovely
➸ 540 Timeless Allure
➸ 430 All Night Long
➸ 820 Seduce Me

I must warn you that almost of these shades in this display are probably all shimmers, except for the clear gloss. I think most of these shades are more for Fall than for Summer. All of the shades seem dark and somewhat mute, which are all shades that are typical for Fall. I guess Rimmel is trying to get started since Summer is already here. All-in-all, these seem pretty nice. I never tried any glosses from Rimmel before, just their lipsticks and blushes, so I might have to pick up to try out and review.
The next one that I spotted was something "new" from Wet N Wild. If you didn't know already, WnW tends to do these types of promotions where they bundle a bunch of their products in puts them together to be sold at a great price. They do this for their nail polishes as well as their actual makeup products. The last time they came out with a deal for their nail polishes was their Summer Pail, which they had a couple of their FastDry polishes with nail arts and nail stickers all together in a summer pail. This time, WnW has decided to put their nail polishes in a reusuable clear bag, which I actually think is great for those who travel a lot because they can reuse the bag to hold their makeup. Plus its great because its clear so you can see whats inside and it makes it more easier to find the product that you are looking for.

This reusuable zip case comes with 8 nail polishes. There are 4 MegaLast nail polishes and 4 FastDry polishes, which are all great polishes from WnW. If you haven't tried MegaLast polishes yet, they are supposed to give you 5-day, long wearing and chip resistant color. Plus they just reformulated and repackaged these. I heard that these are definitely better than the ones in their old bottles. FastDry polishes are pretty good as well but not as popular as the MegaLast polishes IMO. They claim that one coat dries in 60 seconds.

On the actual product, you can't really tell which shades are in the case. I tried looking online and hopefully all the shade names are correct. It was a little hard since the swatches on the actual WnW website are a little bit decieving because they don't look like the actual shades. Starting from the MegaLast polishes to th FastDry polishes, the shade names are:
➸ 218A I Need A Refresh-Mint
➸ 204B Private Viewing
➸ 213C On A Trip
➸ 212C Heatwave
➸ 224C The Wonder Years
➸ 232C FuchsiaRama
➸ 222C
➸ 225C Sage In The City

All 8 polishes with the reusuable case are sold for $9.99USD plsu tax. I really think that is a great deal because if you bought these polishes all at regular price, you would definitelty be paying more than $10USD. Each MegaLast polish retails for $2.99USD and each FastDry polish are $1.99USD plus tax. If you had bought all of these in one transaction, all regular price, it would be $11.96USD for the MegaLast and $7.96USD for the FastDry. All together, you would be paying $19.92USD plus tax!! That is double the price of what you could be paying if you bought this instead. Wow!
Have you ever tried Rimmel Stay Glossy 6HR Lip Gloss before?
Which shades would you be likely to try out?
Have you ever tried nail polishes from Wet N Wild?
Which line of polishes from Wet N Wild do you prefer: MegaLast or FastDry?
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Haul: Sonia Kashuk LE Star Studded Brush Set

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to post this up for a while now but I have been busy with all my SPOTTED posts. This brush set was bought last week at Target when they had that $3USD off any SK cosmetics. I never tried any SK brushes before and I am pretty sure that I have enough ELF and EcoTools brushes to last me a lifetime but I couldn't help myself. I have always been curious about SK brushes and have heard great reviews about them, especially the SK brushes with the black handles.

This brush set was on clearance at the Target store that I went to. I did end up going to another Target because I wanted a SK summer palette that was on clearance as well but both of the last ones at this Target were all touched and swatched. At the next Target that I went to, none of the summer LE products were on clearance. So if you go to your Target store and don't see these on clearance yet, they probably will be soon. So be patient.

The only product that was still entact and untouched was the LE Star Studded brush set, which of course I bought! This brush set comes with 7 brushes, which all have turqious handles. The majority of my brushes are ELF and EcoTools brushes so all the handles are black, white, and brown. Its definitely nice to have some colorful brushes. The brushes are pretty lightweight. All the brushes have the words "Sonia Kashuk" on the handles. I wish that they had the names of each brush on the handles as well. All the brushes are so soft and I can't wait to wash them and give them a try. Hopefully they are shedders. In this set, there are:
➸ Powder/Blush brush
➸ Large Angled Eye Shadow brush
➸ Eye Shadow brush
➸ Crease brush
➸ Shader brush
➸ Bent Eyeliner brush
➸ Spoolie brush

This brush set also comes with a cute brush case, which I am definitely going to be using as a clutch for nights out. The case is pretty sturdy so I don't have to worry about anything falling out or getting broken if I drop the case. Plus it holds its shape. Another thing that I like about this case is the clasp on the front. Its in the shape of a pyramid that you just twist to lock or unlock. When its lock, its pretty secure and I don't have to worry about anybody being able to stick their fingers and trying to steal something or anything falling out and getting lost. I will probably be using this to hold my phone, drivers license, keys, and lipgloss.

What about you guys? Have you seen this brush set at your Target store? Have you ever tried SK brushes before and what do you think about these brushes? Definitely let me know because I would love to know. If you would like to see a review or any close-ups pictures of the brushes, definitely let me know!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Walgreens Haul (Feat. Ardel Lashes)

Hey everyone! Oh my goodness! I am so happy with this haul. Today, I had to go to Walgreens because I had some RRs that were going to expire. I didn't know what to get and didn't really see any of the new displays that I spotted at this Walgreens store so I decided to hit up the clearance area like aways. LOL This time I freaken hit the jack pot. They had a cart full of stuff that were all under $1 each. I of course had to dig through everything because I love buying stuff at such great deals.

While moving some stuff around, I saw a bunch of Ardell lashes. Even better I saw these for regular price a few weeks ago. These lashes were for the Special Occasion display where these lashes are mostly meant for weddings. I am not getting married anytime soon or know anyone getting married but these lashes look really pretty. If you didn't know already, these lashes were part of the Special Occasion Collection that came out maybe one to two months ago. Plus I never tried Ardell lashes before so I had to get them. I end up getting pretty much all of them because they were only $0.85USD each. Now that is definitely a crazy deal. When I went up to the register to pay for my items, the cashier told me to make sure to some back again in the next few days because they had more of the Ardell lashes that were going to be on clearance. They were going to put them out all at the same time but they haven't had enough time to go through everything yet. I of course, told him that I am definitely coming back for me. So definitely expect more of these lashes in the next few days haul.

For right now, the lash styles that I was able to get were:
➸ Amore (X2)
➸ Dazzle

The style that I definitely can't wait to try are the Amore ones. I love how its all flared out and girly. I really think these lashes would be great for brides because of how full they look. Hopefully the next time I go, they will have more of the Amore designs and a bunch more on clearace. What do you guys think? Have you tried these lashes yet and which styles would you be wanting to try? Definitely let me know if you tried these lashes before and what you think of them!
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Sunglasses Haul (Feat. F21)

Hey everyone! I am sad to say that my favorite sunglasses broke a few days ago and I was in need of another pair of sunglasses. I was a little bit sad because they were my favorite pair and I pretty much wore them everyday since I bought them. Since I liked them so much, I decided to go to F21 and see if they were selling any similar pairs. They didn't have any pairs similar since I am guessing that they come out with new styles every year. I decided to get three pairs because two of them were inexpensive.

I bought them in all different colors because I like to match my sunglasses to my outfit. LOL I bought a white pair because the ones that broke were cream colored but they didn't have any and the closest was white. I also bought a pink pair because I love pink! Both of these pairs were only $1.80USD each! Wow that is definitely a great deal. I don't think I ever paid that little for a pair of sunglasses before. I wanted to buy more of these but in every color that they sold but then I remembered that I wouldn't really need that many pairs.

The last pair of sunglasses that I bought are blue foldable glasses. I didn't really need a blue pair but I thought the concept was pretty neat so I bought them anyways. I might give them to my little brother since he seems to lose his sunglasses a lot and these are more easier for him to keep in his pockets since they fold up. I took a picture to show you guys what the glasses would look like when they are folded. Its pretty small and compact, easy to put into your purse, clutch, or pocket. This pair was $5.80USD or $6.80USD plus tax. I can't remember the exact price.

So that is all for my sunglasses haul. I hope that you guys like it. So far, I am really liking these glasses and can't wait to be wearing them to the beach. Remember, sunglasses are important to wear, especially when the sun is hot and bright because they protect your eyes. Always make sure to carry a pair of sunglasses with you, especially when you are going to the beach.

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CVS Haul (Feat. Essence of Beauty)

Hey everyone! In case, you didn't know CVS had a sale on their Essence of Beauty line. All Essence of Beauty products (excluding clearane) were BOGO FREE and the sale ended already, Saturday on June 23. I went today mainly for the sale. I ended up getting myself a couple of items that I have been wanting to try out. Plus I had a CVS coupon for $1USD off any Essence of Beauty purchase from all the brushes that I have been buying lately. I do own a couple of Essence of Beauty brushes and have been buying a lot of the Smoky Eye Shadow Brush lately because they are on clearance for $1.75USD plus tax. If you have been buying these as well, you should definitely check to see if your has a coupon a well. The coupon has no expiration date!

Okay onto what I bought:
32 Face Wedges (X2)
I mainly bought these to see if they would help me from wanting to buy the BeautyBlender. LOL The store that I went to had two different kinds of face wedges. The ones that I bought are Vitamin E infused but there were also some that had Collogen infused, which seemed firmer. The ones with Vitamin E are a lot softer and don't seem as firm or dense but hopefully these will work out the same. With the Vitamin E, these wedges claim to "provide an exceptionally smooth finish," according to the packaging. I have never used a "sponge" to apply my foundation before but I have been hearing so many great reviews on the BeautyBlender that I wanted to try out other options first. Plus if these wedges don't work out, it won't be a total waste of money because I can probably use these for nail art. Or I can just return them for a refund since they have a quality guarantee on these. These were $3.99USD but with the sale, I only paid for one and got the other one FREE.

Precision Blender Sponge (X2)
LOL These were BOGO FREE as well so of course, I had to buy two. These were $4.99USD each but I paid for one and got the other one for FREE. These reminded me a little of the BeautyBlender because they are both face sponges but these are more affordable. These are also infused with Vitamin E and it has two sides that you can use to apply and blend makeup. This blender sponge has a pointed side and a round base. The pointed side is supposed to help apply makeup easier for the area under the eyes with the round base for the rest of the face like the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Hopefully this sponge will work as well as the BeautyBlender. If you have tried these before, definitely let me know how you would compare or any tips on using this.

Smokey Eye Shadow Brush (X2)
This was not BOGO FREE because it was on clearance, which was fine with me because I had coupons, which made them under $0.25USD each. I have already washed and started using this brush and I really like it. I am definitely buying more if I see anymore on clearance. If you would like to see a review on this brush with close-up pictures, definitely let me know and I will post one up.

So that is all for my haul. LOL I didn't even know that I purchased two of everything until I was paying for everything. Hopefully both the wedges and sponges will work out and help me stop obsessing over the BeautyBlender. If you have tried any of these products before, definitely let me know because I would love to hear about your experiences and comments. If you have any requests or questions as well, let me know and I will try to address them.

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