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Haul: eBay Jewelry

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to put up these posts for a while now. Recently I became addicted to buying jewelry from eBay because I had gotten two Visa gift cards from rebates. I never bought anything from eBay before but have always wanted to, especially those J. Crew inspired bubble necklaces since they are cheaper on eBay. The only thing that stopped me from buying before was because of the shipping time and the fact that I was afraid of getting ripped off. I decided to take the plunge anyways and bought a couple of pieces that I have really been liking. Plus I do have to admit, I did become a bit more addicted to the whole bidding thing. LOL It does suck losing some items but it feels so good when you win an item that you bid for.

Vintage Rhinestone Deer Head Bracelet ($2.86)
I thought that this was so cute when I saw pictures of it online. Plus I had never seen anything quite like it in stores. I love how there are four chains on each side of the deer and they all connect with a clasp so you can adjust the size. I do have to admit, it is a bit hard to put on by yourself. I always need an extra hand whenever I want to wear this bracelet. I really like how detailed the deer head is because of the rhinestones and the ears and antlers popping out.

Pearl Ball Stretch Bracelet ($1.50)
I love this bracelet! Its just so cute and girly. I love the pearls and then in the middle of the bracelet is a dainty little ball of smaller pearls and metal balls all together. I just love wearing the bracelet when I go somewhere fancy. Plus because its a stretch bracelet, its fits my wrist perfectly. This is a bracelet that I can definitely see Forever21 or any of the mall clothing stores selling at their stores but I paid less for it because I bought it from eBay.

Spike Rivets Elastic Stretch Bracelets, pair of 3 ($3.32)
This was actually the first item that I had ever bought on eBay and started my addiction! I remember when these were so in trend and popular. Everybody was wearing these and I wanted some for myself too. Haha! I just love how funky these looked. This came with three pairs, which I thought that was a great deal. It came with a black-silver, bronze, and a silver spike bracelet. I was a bit disappointed that mines didn't come with a gold because in the seller's picture, one of them was a gold. When I received the bracelets, I went back and read the description and it said bronze instead of gold so I was a bit peeved off about that. When you order, always make sure to read the descriptions. Don't always rely on the pictures because they can be a bit deceiving.

Gold Spike Chain Bracelet ($1.50)
I bought this also because of the whole spike bracelet trend. You can adjust the length of this bracelet because of the long chain that it comes with. It closes with a clasp so you can close it on any of the chains. I really like this bracelet because its different from the other spike bracelets that I bought. These spikes point down (towards the ground, so to say) instead of pointing outwards like the others. Plus the edges aren't at a point. These are more rounded so if I accidently poke someone with these, they won't get hurt. LOL

Faceted Black Resin Stone Elastic Bracelet ($0.85)
I really like this bracelet. I do admit that it does look a bit cheap close-up but at a distance, you can't really tell. It is a stretch bracelet so you can see the elastic strings in between each stone, which is fine because I know that Forever21 has a couple of pieces like that as well Overall, I really like this bracelet and love wearing with my black outfits because of the gold surrounding each black stone.

Oval Shape Tibet Silver Turquoise Bracelet ($2.28)
I have to say that when I saw this bracelet online, I fell in love with it. When I saw it in person, it wasn't my favorite. The way that it was made is bad quality. It doesn't fit nicely on my wrists and is a bit crooked. Plus I hate how the closure is behind the big turquoise stone since that is probably why its crooked. It just doesn't fit right on my wrist and I don't like it at all. If I could return this, I would.

Black Geometric Figure Triangle Necklace ($2.39)
This was probably my second or third piece that I bought! I remember seeing Tiffany D wear a similar one in her OOTD pictures and have been wanting one but I didn't want to pay a butt load of money for it so I searched for a similar one on eBay. I was really surprised when I saw this because it looks identical to the expensive one that she wears. I can't remember where she bought hers from, maybe J. Crew but I am not sure. I love wearing this with my black shirts and pairing this outfit with other gold pieces. The only bad thing that I do have to say about this is because the pieces are lightweight, sometimes the black geometric figures tend to flip over when I am wearing it, which is a hassle. Other than that, I still love the necklace. i just wish that some of the pieces wouldn't flip over.

Gold Spike Bubble Necklace ($1.50)
To be honest, with this necklace, I don't think I have even worn it once. It looked gorgeous in the pictures but in person, up close it just looks cheap. The whole overall finish of it looks cheap. Plus I hate how there are some black spots on the necklace when I got it. I don't know its because its starting to rust or what. Other than that, I think I should at least try to wear it. I think it would look nice with a simple black dress or a black tank. What do you guys think?

So those are all the items that I bought from eBay within the past months. I am thinking of ordering some more within the next couple of weeks since there are some cute jewelry on there. I might even consider ordering some makeup storage containers there too like some acrylic lipstick holders. What do you guys think of these pieces? I just have to say that if you have never ordered from eBay before, you have to know that it does take a bit for shipping since most of the pieces are from China. For me, it took about 2 weeks to a month for each piece since I ordered them from different sellers and at different times. Even though it took a while for them to arrive in the mail, it was fine with me because I got free shipping with each item. Overall, I can't wait to order some more stuff! Also, if you would like to know the sellers of some of these pieces, definitely let me know.

Have you ever ordered from eBay before?
What do you think about the pieces that I ordered?

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  1. Wooo I found your blog and I hope it's the right person otherwise I'd feel real stupid lol.
    I've nominated your blog for a liebster award too :D

    1. Hopefully you found the right person otherwise I would feel embarrassed after doing the Liebster Award post. LOL

  2. I've had some good and bad experience when ordering jewelries from Ebay in the past. Some look really nice in the picture but when you see it in person, the quality is awful. I haven't purchased in a long while but when I do, I make sure I take a long and hard look at the picture. I like that last necklace. It looks similar to one I got from Shoplately.

    1. Yeah it is bit hard to order jewelry from eBay without knowing about the quality. Thats why whenever I order, I make sure to read the descriptions, look at the pictures carefully, and always read the reviews on the seller.


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