Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Haul: Forever21 Jewelry

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show you guys some jewelry pieces that my sister recently hauled from Forever21. Now if you are a huge Forever21 shopper, then you know that Forever21 has some really cute jewelry and their prices aren't that bad. Although I have to admit, I've been noticing that some of their prices have been increasing a bit. Either way, it doesn't really matter much to me since I just tend to get their delicate, small necklaces or earrings since their jewelry tends to rust fast. Since they were having a sale on their jewelry, my sister decided to pick up a couple of items. I really like the items that she picked up and am surprised that she hasn't even worn them yet. Such a waste. LOL

◊ Chunky Mint Bracelet
◊ "Diamond" & Gold Stud Earrings
◊ Black & Gold Bracelet

So those are all the items that my sister bought! I will definitely be borrowing a couple of these from time to time. LOL I especially love the bracelets because of how big they are! I don't know the prices that she paid for these since she got them on sale but I do know the regular prices on these. Both the bracelets were $12.80 each and the earrings was $4.80 plus tax.

Do you like shopping at Forever21?
Do you like Forever21 jewelry?

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