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First Impression: Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation

Hey everyone! This is my first time doing a first impressions post. I have been loving watching ItsJudyTime's first impressions and decided that I wanted to start doing those too. I think first impression posts are great for reviewing foundations. Originally I wasn't going to get this foundation because I wasn't that much of a fan for their original ColorStay foundation. In my opinion, the original foundation was too thick and I always had to mix it with moisturizer. Plus whenever I wore it on my face, certain areas of my face would start itching. Let me know if the same is for you. Since it has been getting so many great reviews on the Internet and on YouTube, I decided that I must have it. I bought this a while back and have been meaning to post this up. I just tried it out a couple of days ago and I must say that I really like it. This isn't a review but more of a first impressons post.

First off, let me just say that I love the packaging but because of it, it makes it so hard to figure out which shade to wear since they all look the same in the jar. I had some of the shades lined up on a shelve and I still couldn't tell the difference between them all. That is the one of the bad things about the packaging. It comes in a glass jar, which is pretty heavy and bulky, which makes it hard to store in your drawers, especially if you have those Sterlite mini drawers like me. I have to store it in another place because it won't fit in the mini drawers. Another thing that I find is a con about the packaging is that it isn't in the usual foundation bottle but in a jar where you would have to stick your fingers or brush in to get product. I would rather pefer the ones with the pump because its more sanitary. For me, I didn't use my fingers but used a little tiny spatula to scoop out the product that I clean every time after I use it. Its sort of a hassle but I'm fine with it if it keeps the bacteria from harboring. You can buy a pack of spatulas from Sallys Beauty stores for around $1.99 plus tax. All of these come with a safety seal around the product, which is great because you can tell if some annoying person opened and decided to swatch it. I hate buying products without safety seals because you never know. Once you screw off the lid, there is a plastic protective piece, which I guess keeps the foundation from spilling onto the inside of the cover and making a mess.

Like I said before, the packaging makes it so hard to figure out which shade would match right. Since I was standing in front of the display (for what felt like 10 minutes) trying to figure out the correct shade, I just went with 250 Medium Beige. For my skintone, the foundations that I tend to buy are always within the beige range so I thougt that I couldn't go wrong with this sade. Plus I figured that if it ended up being too light, I could always correct it with bronzer or if it was too dark then I could use an all-over light powder. For my skintone, Medium Beige was a pretty good match. I could have went a the next shade up because I tend to like having a tan look rather than having to put on a ton of bronzer.

This foundation only comes with 0.8 fluid ounces of product. That is less than your usual foundation size since foundations typically come with 1.0 fluid ounces of product. Even though it comes with less product, I don't really see myself finish it up anytime soon since you don't really need a lot per application.

1. Wears up to 24 hours
2. Talc-free
3. Paraben-free
4. Buidable to full coverage
5. Bouncy, whipped formula feels ultra light and silky smooth

As you can tell by the name, Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation, it claims to have a whipped texture. To me, it doesn't feel whipped but reminds me more of melted milkshake consistency. Its a little thicker than your usual liquid foundation texture but pretty much looks the same if it was in your typical foundation bottle packaging. Even though its claims to have a bouncy, whipped formula, I didn't fint it bouncy.

To me, I don't really mind products with a scent to them unless they smell really bad and repulsing. However this does have a slight scent to it. I don't know what it smells like so I can't really describe it. Its not a strong scent and you can't really tell once its on your face. Some people say that this smells like the original ColorStay foundation but I don't really think so since I have both and they don't smell similar to me.

Let me just say that I have normal to combination skin. I don't really get oily that much, just on my t-zone. I usually never have dry patches unless they are from the pimples that I popped. I know that its never good to pop pimples because they scar and etc, etc but for some reason, I feel like the pimples go away faster when I pop them than leave them alone. Trust me, my skin is weird and I have already tested out that theory a bunch of times. I know that sometimes popping pimples can leave dark marks but if you exfoilate every once in while, they tend to fade and go away over time. Whenever I have dry patches, I would just apply moisturizer directly onto the spot and smooth out the rough patches. To apply this foundation, I just used my ELF Studio powder brush. That brush is my favorite brush for applying foundation-whether it be liquid, powder, or cream. I just love the brush!

As mush as I hate taking pictures of my skin without makeup and posting it on the interet, I have to for my subscribers and because its part of the job as a makeup blogger. Hopefully I won't get any negative comments about my skin since the internet can be cruel sometimes. I am going to be the first to admit that my skin isn't perfect. It has its pimples and blemishes. Most of my breakouts tend to occur around my upper lip area, which I don't know why since I always clean the area around my mouth and lips after eating.

Since I had planned on doing a first impressions post, I wanted to do one layer of this foundation without any concealer so I could show you guys the coverage. This foundation has medium to full coverage, depending on the layers applied. For me, I can pretty much go with one layer and just add concealer onto the areas that I need. As you can see in the picture, one layer covered up some of the redness, like around my nose but not that much on my blemishes and pimples. It did however, cover up some of my freckles. By the way, I don't know why this picture makes my skin look kind of white and on the pale side since it wasn't like that in person. Maybe it was the lighting or my camera was acting weird for a moment.

Seeing how one layer didn't cover up that much, I decided to see how this foundation would look with two layers. It claims to be buildable. Plus I wanted to see if it was going to be cakey applying more than one layer. Two layers was like full coverage. As you can see, it covered up all my pimples that just one layer couldn't completely cover up. For me, two layers was ideal and I didn't need concealer. It didn't feel heavy with two layers on, which is perfect for me because I hate heavy foundations.

Since this foundation claims to last up to 24 hours, I didn't test that theory because I can't stand wearing makeup for too long. I only wore it for 12 hours and it definitely lasted pretty well on my skin. It didn't melt off or slid off my skin during the hot day. It has pretty good staying power for my skin, which I really like since I don't really like touching up my face since that would provide me putting on more makeup, which I don't really like since I don't like having a ton of products on. With this, I didn't have to touch up anything at all. All-in-all, I really like this foundation and would definitely recommend it, especially for those who love the original ColorStay foundation.

Have you tried the Revlon ColorStay Whipped foundation yet?
How do you feel about it?

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SPOTTED: LA Colors Little Black Book of Eyeshadow

Hey everyone! Guess what? A few days ago, I had some time and decided to stop by Dollar Tree. I heard that some stores have started carrying drugstore brand skincare like Garnier and I wanted to see if my store had any. Sadly they didn't carry any. Even though my trip was a fail, I was still able to spot a new display in the makeup section. I don't know when LA Colors came out with these but they have recently started selling them at Dollar Tree. If you still don't know what I am talking about, I am talking about the LA Colors Little Black Book of Eyeshadows. This collection has three different editions: Natural, Smoky, and Glam Edition. First off, before I go into the editions and show you the pictures, these little black books are small. The eyeshadow pans are probably the same size as the Coastal Scents eye shadow pans in their 88 pan palettes, if not smaller. They also each come with one eyeshadow sponge applicator.

The Natural Edition is basically your neutrals. Most of the shadows are shimmery finishes, if not all. They are different types of browns, bronzes, and creme shades.

The next one is the Smoky Edition has your purples, blues, and silvers to black shades. This palette also contains shimmer shades.

The last one is the Glam Edition has all your colors, great for those bold, colorful eye looks.

If I had to choose which one to buy, I would end up buying the Natural Edition because those are the ones that are more wearable for me. What about you guys? Which edition are you guys willing to buy and/or looking interested to getting? I never tried LA Colors makeup before so I can't say how well the quality is but if you have tried their makeup before, please let me know how they are. 

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NOTD: Sally Hansen "Wet Cement"

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show everyone what I have been wearing on my nails these past few days. I have really been loving this shade and usually I am more attracted to pinks but for some reason, this shade has really been calling out my name. If you didn't know already, the shade that I am loving is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear "Wet Cement". Let me just say that the formula for the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear line is amazing! Its applies so easy and wonderfully! The formula was just perfect and opaque. One coat could work but like always, I tend to apply two coats.

Wet Cement is definitely a color that is great for the fall. It is a light creamy gray shade. For some reason, it just reminds me of a warm sweater that wants to be worn. Don't ask me why. I don't remember where I bought this but I have seen it at drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Ulta, and Target. If the store sells Sally Hansen nail polishes, then chances are they probably have this shade. Sally Hansen polishes tend to retail around $3, depending on the store.

How do you feel about Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear nail polishes?
What do you think about Wet Cement?

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Summer Essentials 2012

Hey everyone! I have seen so many people on YouTube do videos on their most worn Summer products that I thought I would do a similar one. I am sure that there is a tag somewhere similar to my post but I can't remember the name of the tag. If you know which tag that I am talking about, please feel free to leave a comment below. Also let me know which products are your Summer Essentials because I would love to know! By the way, sorry if I posted this a little late, I kept trying to post it all day today but for some reason Luuux kept logging me out. It was pretty irritating.

Okay, lets get onto my Summer Essentials! As you can see, I have a ton of products and keep in mind, I don't use all of these products in one single day but these are the products that I have been loving and using during the Summer. I have products ranging from face, lips, cheeks and the body. I think there are about two products that are no longer sold in stores but you can definitely find similar ones. If you need help finding a particular product from my Summer Essentials that you would like to try, definitely let me know an I will try to help you.

Not that kind of protection, you dirty bird. LOL I'm talking about protection for your body, lips, and pits. Now we all need protection from the sun because in the long run, it can either make or break us. For instance, did you know that the sun rays can cause wrinkles by damaging our skin so make sure to wear that sunblock unless you wanted to look like the evil old hag from Snow White when you hit your forties. These are the products that I love using but I tend to switch out my deodorant because they all feel the same to me.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF55
I love this sunblock. I have a full size on my vanity and a travel size in my purse. I apply this all over my body whenever I am going out and I love using it as a face moisturizer as well. Its smooth and soft to the touch plus it dries really fast. Plus its waterproof so thats always a plus. I have tried other sunblock brands before but this is my favorite and its also #1 dermatologist recommended brand.
Chapstick Lip Balm SPF4
I basically can use any lip balm that has SPF but I have been using this brand since I was in middle school so I always come back to it. I love the Classic and the Strawberry one because both give my lips a little reddish-pink tint and they moisturize my lips very well. Plus I know what you are saying that this lip balm only has SPF4 but hey its better than nothing.
Sauve 24Hour Protection Invisible Solid Deodorant "Sweet Pea & Violet"
Like I said before I don't really have any preference for certain deodorants but this is the one that I always have laying around my room. Plus its like super inexpensive and some stores even sell this for a dollar. I don't really have sweaty pits so any deodorant works fine for me.

Almay Clear Complexion Foundation "Beige"
Almay Clear Complexion Concealer "Light/Medium"
For me, this line of face products has really been helping with my acne. For some reason I have been breaking out a lot lately all over my face and this is the only foundation and concealer that doesn't irritate or itch my face and blemishes. It applies smooothly and blends very well. Plus it also has salicylic acid to help heal blemishes! Also this foundation is one of the very few that doesn't seem to melt off my face during the hot days.

Too Faced The Bronzed & The Beautiful
For the summer, you definitely need a bronzer, especially if you are light skin like me. I love using bronzer as my all over setting powder to set my liquid foundation. I don't like having a ton of powders on my face so I don't buy setting powders but just use a bronzer instead. During the summer, I like to contour my face as well so give my face some depth and to make my face appear skinnier. The bronzers that I have been using is my Too Faced The Bronzed & The Beautiful palette, which has three bronzers: Snow Bunny, Sun Bunny, and Pink Leopard. My favorite two Summer bronzers from this palette are Sun Bunny and Pink Leopard. I love contouring with Sun Bunny and setting my foundation with Pink Leopard because it gives me a glowy tan.

NYC Blushable Creme Stick "Big Apple Blush"
Rimmel Lasting Finish Blendable Powder Blush & Hightlighter "Autumn Catwalk"
For the summer, I love using creme blushes to help make my powder blushes stay longer on my cheeks. Summertime is when I always tend to lean towards the pink blushes. I love using a creme blush first and blend it into my skin and then apply a powder blush to set it. Using both a creme and powder blush gives your blush longer lasting power on your cheeks, especially during those hot days.

Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder "Rose Gold"
Philosophy Shimmering Face Powder "Amazing Grace"
For the summer, its all about having a glow as well and nothing gives you a glow like highlighters! I don't really have that many highlighters in my collection but these two are the ones that I tend to reach for. To me, powder highlighters are more easy to work and blend with unlike liquid and/or cream highlighters. I have tried cream highlighters before, like the one from Benefit, but whenever I apply it onto the top of my cheekbones, its tends to take off my foundation whereever I apply it.

Blotting sheets are pretty close to a girl's best friend. They help you by removing excess oil from your face. I mean, everybody wants a glow but nobody wants to look like a greaseball either. To me, any blotting sheet would do but my favorites are the ELF Shine Erasers, which are a dollar for 50 sheets and the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbin Sheets. These are great for removing shine from your face without smudging with your makeup. I would just use these whenever I am feeling shiny and blot on my forehead, my nose, and on my cheeks.

Girl, during the summer, waterproof is like the magic word, especially for when you are going to the beach or a pool party because you never know if you are going to get soaked. You for sure don't want to be looking like a raccoon or someone from a horror movie with mascara running down your face. Thats why waterproof eye products are the best way to go during the summer. Even if I am going to the beach, I still like to apply waterproof mascara because I hate how little my lashes are. I feel like a boy without them. LOL The mascara that I am using for this summer is the Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Waterproof Mascara. This baby does not melt down my face when water gets near them. Also, another product that I like is the Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Eyeliner. I haven't really been using eyeliner that much these past few days but I really love the staying power on this.

Since summer is where all the hot days are, we all know that we don't want to be smelling bad and have people disgusted by our B.O. I especially reccommend this if you are in school, like college where you are crammed in those tiny seats sitting next to a bunch of people. I have had times where I arrived to class and had to sit next to someone that had bad body odor, especially when its hot outside. I just wish that they would spray some cologne or perfume. If I really can't stand it, I would just grab my own and start spraying lightly because I wouldn't want anyone to sneeze. Just enough that I can't smell the person next to me anymore. LOL Plus its always great to carry a travel size perfume or body spray. I usually perfer bringing a body spray with me because its has a lighter scent and isn't as strong as a perfume.

Oh my goodness, for the summer, having tan glowy legs is always a bonus! Since my legs are fair and can probably blind people (LOL), I always use my Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. It just makes my legs bronzed and glowy. I have had many compliments on my legs whenever I am wearing this. It is definitely my holy grail product for my legs. It covers up all my imperfections and makes my scars and bug bites less noticable. Trust me, if you haven't tried it, you should definitely get it!

So those are all my summer essentials. Some are my favorite products and some are just neccessities. Keep in mind that you don't have to use the exact brand that I use. For instance, with the deodorant. I don't sweat that much for my pits so I can just use whatever deodorant since any works fine for me. If you have any summer essentials, definitely let me know which products you are loving and needing to use during the summer.

What products are your summer essentials?

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

SPOTTED: NYX, Urban Decay & Stila @ Nordstorm Rack

Hey everyone! A few days ago, I went to Ulta to check out their 40% off sale and decided to check out Nordstorm Rack as well. I usually don't shop at Nordstorm Rack that much unless I am there checking out their clearance items. Plus from time to time, they do tend to carry high-end discounted makeup and thats the main reason why I love it there.

This time I went to Nordstorm Rack, they had a display in front of the store with a bunch of NYX products. Some products were cheaper than Ulta but there were some that were around the same price. It just depends on whether which product you are buying and if its worth it. Sometimes if the price is pretty close to Ulta's pricing, I would just buy it at Ulta because you get points for your purchases. Its just up to you to decide which store you want to go. I was only able to take a picture of the back of the display and not the front because the manager kept on staring at me. LOL Anyways, they had single shadows, blushes, bronzers, eyebrow kits, the runaway collection palettes, matte lip glosses, lip pencils, eye liners, and so much more. If you missed out on the Ulta sale or don't have an Ulta near you and have been wanting to try out some NYX, I suggest checking out your Nordstorm Rack.

I also spotted some Urban Decay products as well. Most of the Urban Decay products are the same as the ones on sale on the Urban Decay website but just a few cents cheaper. If you don't want to pay for shipping, you can always go to your nearest Nordstorm Rack store to see if they have the products. I spotted a bunch of Urban Decay products but was only able to take pictures of some. They did have the Skull Shadow Box but I can't remember how much it was. I think it was around $11-$12 plus tax. I also spotted a nail polish set with a bunch of shimmers and glitter polishes for $18.97 for a 6 piece set. They also had the Midnight Emerency for $21.97 and it includes 4 shadows with a full size lip gloss and an eye shadow brush.

Next brand that I spotted was Stila! They had a bunch of Stila products but some of them weren't priced so I can't tell you how much they are. I don't know why they didn't price everything. One product that I was interested in but wanted to check out the reviews was the Love At First Set Blush Set, which includes a blush in Love At First Sight and two lip glazes in Bubble Gum and Pinkle Twinkle for $11.97 plus tax. They also had a Stila Eye Shadow Trio but only in Santa Monica Blvd, which has the shades Coy, Mystic, and Poise for $5.97 which isn't that bad of a deal IMO. I would have almost bought it but I didn't see myself wearing the shades that much since I prefer neutral shades. The also had the Stila Eye Shadow Palette and Lip Glaze Set in Arctic Chill but this one didn't have a price tag so I can't tell you how much it is. They also had a bunch of other Stila sets but I didn't take pictures of those. One thing that I did spot and regret not buying is the Stila Holiday 2011 Dream In Full Colour Palette for $9.75 and it includes a full size Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Stingray. I might go back and pick it up the next time I go there. Hopefully they will have still have a couple when I get there. Wish me luck! Sorry if the picture of the Dream In Full palette is sort of blurry, I took that one with my sucky camera phone.

So those are all the items that I spotted at my Nordstorm Rack. Keep in mind, your store might have different products so you might or might not see everything that I saw. If you are interested in trying out high end cosmetics but don't want to pay too much, I highly suggest checking out Nordstorm Rack because you might find a couple of great deals there. If you have any questions, definitely let me know by commenting below!

Have you been to Nordstorm Rack?
What do you think of the items that I was lucky enough to spot?

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