Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Haul: $1.44 For 4 CoverGirl Eyeshadows

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show you guys an amazing deal that I had. I was shopping at ULTA to see if there was any new products that might catch my eye. As I was walking through the high-end aisles, I remembered that I had to check out the clearance aisles first. While making my way to the back of the makeup aisles, I was surprised to see that they had so many CoverGirl products on clearance. I don't know why but there was a bunch of CoverGirl foundations, mascaras, and eye shadows on clearance. In fact, the same was at my Target as well. So if you are a CoverGirl cosmetics lover, I highly recommend checking out your Target and/or ULTA to see if the same is at your stores as well. Plus what makes it even better is that if there are a couple of CoverGirl coupons out there that you can use to make your transactions even better!

I remember that I had a couple of CoverGirl coupons in my purse that I wanted to use up before they expired so I knew that I had to pick a couple of items up. Plus with the coupons and the items being on clearance, chances are I knew that I was going to spend little to none on this haul. There wasn't that many choices for the eye shadows at my store but there were still a bunch of foundations and mascaras! I didn't pick any of those up because I just have too many mascaras in my collection that I need to use and finish up first before I buy anymore. I only bought 4 items and all of them are CoverGirl, which you can all see.

I picked up two trios and two single eye shadows. They were all inexpensive but with the coupon, they were even cheaper! I was actually surprised that they had some CoverGirl eye shadows with the new black packaging on clearance since those just came out late last year but hey, better items for me! LOL I am not sure if I am going to end up keeping the single eye shadows or probably hold them for a future blog giveaway but I'll decide soon. What do you guys think I should do?

118 Major Distraction - trio pink champagne, cheshnut brown, shimmery teal
125 Dance Party - a trio with three different shades of purple
500 Aqua Paradise - shimmery teal
445 Golden Sunrise - coppery orange

So thats all that I bought for my mini ULTA haul. The trios were on clearance for $2.49 each and the single eye shadows were $1.69 each. What I thought was a bit funny was that they had the original prices on the stickers and that the employees had put $10.00 as the regular price for both the trios and the single eye shadows  Now I know that CoverGirl single eye shadows are not regularly priced for $10.00 but that was just funny that they made that mistake.

Either way, I only spent $1.44 (tax included) for this whole haul, which is a super great deal in my book! Even the cashier who had rung me up mentioned that I did a great job with my savings. LOL

Have you been to your ULTA and/or Target lately?
Do you like CoverGirl eye shadows?
What do you think of my mini haul?

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  1. Wow love this!! I need to go to ulta soon. I love getting a great deal like this :)

    1. I hope your ULTA was as stocked as mines with the clearance! Definitely let me know what you end up getting.


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