Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WalMart Haul (1.22.12)

Hey everyone! So I have been wanting to go to WalMart for a while to see if they had any good sales going on. I didn't get that much because it was kind of crowded and it was hot in the store. I just wanted to get all the stuff that I needed and get back out into the fresh air. LOL Not everything that I bought at WalMart is going to be shown here. I just bought vitamins, astringent, Kikoman soy sauce, and some floss. I am only going to be showing the vitamins and astringent.

What I bought (health & beauty items only):
Caltrate Calcium & Vitamin D
I have been looking for some Calcium vitamins that are chewables. I hate taking pills, especially large pills so its a great relief to find some in chewables. This came with 165 chewable tablets with three different flavors: cherry, orange, and fruit punch. The pills are pretty big but thats fine since they are chewables. I have tried these and have been taking them since I bought them. They aren't that good but that's fine. They do taste like their intended flavor but they also have that powdery residue afterwards, which water always cures. LOL I can't remember the exact price of this but I do know that it was $14USD to $15USD.

Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent
I am so sad about this product. The cashier has put all my items in one bag and on the way home, I noticed that it has opened and spilled half of its content (as you can see from the picture, its now only half full) all over in the plastic bag. I wish that Clean & Clear had put a saftely seal around the cap or something. I am just glad that it didn't soak into my other products. I had to clean everything up on the ride home, which was a pain because I had cuts on my fingers and lets just say, that the astringent burned like crazy! I haven't tried out this product yet so I don't know if it would actually do anything for my pimples.

So I hope you all like my haul. It is pretty small but I am happy about the products that I bought, except for the Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent since it opened and spilled in the bag on the way home. I am hoping that the Calcium chewables will help out because I don't really drink milk. Plus I am getting older and I need all the Calcium that I can get. Have any of you ever tried these chewables? What do you think about Clean & Clear? Have you tried this astringent before?

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  1. aw...can you still exchange the clear & clear? i think they can, because it's manufacturer's fault.

    i tried centrum chewables, i didn't like the powdery after taste too. the flavors aren't that good either. too orange-y! :p

    1. I don't know, I didn't try. I just didn't want to drive all the way back and wait in line. Plus WalMart doesn't really have good customer service. It was too much of a hassle. Haha as long as the chewables aren't big pills, I'm okay with the powdery taste. I might try another brand after I am done with these. Is there one that you would recommend because we Asians definitely need out Calcium? Haha!

    2. I'm taking the VitaFusion Calcium 500 mg Gummy Vitamins. It's in gummy form so it's fun to take :) It already has vit D in it too.

    3. Ooh I was going to buy those. I was stuck beteen those or the Caltrate ones but the ones that I bought had more chewables. Those VitaFushion ones did look good though! Maybe I'll get those next time. Are they any good because I just got some Costco coupons mailed to my haul and I think the VitaFusions are $2 or $3 off!!


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