Friday, January 6, 2012

Walgreens Haul (Feat. Britney Spears, EcoTools, Dove)

Hey everyone! If you've seen my earlier post then you would've have known that today I went to Target and Walgreens. This post only features the products that I bought at Walgreens. In this haul, I bought everything on clearance! I love getting products at great prices! I try to save money as much as possible. LOL I didn't get much because I was just supposed to buy a couple of shampoo bottles for my mom but I couldn't help looking around. It was my first time in this certain Walgreens store and its way bigger (and more organized) than the one by house. Plus the employees seem nicer too! I would've stayed longer to look around to see if they got any of the new makeup in but I had to hurry because both my sister and brother were waiting for me in the car since I told them that I was just going in to get something real quick. LOL

What I bought:
Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo in Cool Moisture (x3)Oh my goodness, this shampoo smells so good! It doesn't smell like cucumbers but its what I wish cucumbers could smell like. LOL They didn't have the conditioner for this so I bought the last three for Cool Moisture. They were $1.89USD each, which I was estatic about.

EcoTools Limited Edition Beautiful Expressions Kabuki SetJust to let everyone know that this set is currently on clearance for $7.49USD plus tax. They used to be $14.99USD so this is a great deal! I have only one EcoTools brush and I love it so much that I decided to try out their other brushes. Plus this set is so cute! These brushes are so soft! I can't wait to wash them and give them a try!

Britney Spears Circus Fantasy Perfume SetThis was also on clearance for 50% off. This Walgreen store only had 2 perfume sets on clearance. I came late and all the good ones were already sold out. Guess I will have to try again next year. Hopefully I will remember next year. LOL This perfume set was orginally $19.99USD but I bought it at $9.99USD plus tax! It comes with a 1.7 fl oz. body souffle (a.k.a body lotion), 1.0 fl oz. perfume bottle, and a 1.7 fl oz. shower gel. I love this set but when I bought it, I was thinking of the Radiance perfume. LOL I already have a bottle of Circus Fantasy so I don't know if I should keep this one as back-up or give it to someone. What do you guys think?

So those are all the products that I bought at Walgreens. I hope you all liked my little haul! I didn't buy much but I love everything I bought. Plus I bought them all at great prices!! I am planning to see if there are any other Walgreen stores in my area so I can check out their clearance section. LOL
What do you think about my little haul? Did you get the chance to check out your Walgreen store and buy anything? What do you think about celebrity perfumes, love or hate? What do you think about Britney Spears Circus Fantasy? I love to hear your opinions!

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