Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Hi everyone! I'm back with another review! Today I am reviewing one of my favorite drugstore foundations. The foundation that I am going to review is the Revlon ColorStay Foundation. The one that I have is in the shade 240 Medium Beige for Combination/Oily skin. They also have one for dry and normal skin. I have combination skin so I bought the one that was designed for my skin. I have been wearing this foundation for about 6 months now and I thought that it was time that I did a review because I wanted to share with everyone the favorite foundation as of right now.

This is the Revlon ColorStay foundation. It is from their ColorStay line. This foundation is supposed to last 16 hours on the face. It also has SPF 6, which isn't as high as my other foundations but its better than having no SPF. They also have this foundation for different skin types, which I really like because not many brands do that for their foundations. So I really like how people with all different skin types can try this foundation and having it adjust to their skin. This foundation gives you a flawless look, depending on how you apply it. The coverage is really great as well, which is medium to full coverage. You can also sheer out the coverage by adding little layers at a time to get the coverage that you desire. Make sure to blend the foundation out quickly because it does dry a little bit faster than other foundations that I have tried. You have to make sure that you put on a moisturizer before applying this foundation because it will make your dry patches more noticable. Trust me!

To apply this foundation, I use my ELF Studio Powder Brush. Its is the perfect flat top brush for blending out liquid foundation. Plus sometimes if I want a really light foundation look, I sometimes mix this foundation with my Maybelline FitMe foundation. The Revlon ColorStay foundation is a bit thick and the Maybelline FitMe foundation is very light so having a combination of both foundations mixed together is perfect.

You can find this foundation basically anywhere Revlon products are sold. I bought mines at RiteAid. You can also buy it at CVS, Walgreens, Target, WalMart, Ulta and RiteAid. Both Target and WalMart sell these a little bit cheaper at regular price but if there is a sale at either CVS, Walgreens, or RiteAid then its sometimes best to buy from the drugstore because they sometimes have great sales like BOGO FREE, BOGO 50% OFF, and/or 40% OFF.

I can't remember the exact price but I think my RiteAid was selling them for $11.49USD but I am not exactly sure. The price varies by store and by location. I do know that both WalMart and Target sells the foundation at a low price but sometimes its better to buy from either Walgreens, CVS or RiteAid whenever they have a sale on Revlon products. I have seen these drugstores have BOGO or a certain amount of percent off regular retail price.

  • The price isn't that bad, especially when you can buy it on sale.
  • Medum to full coverage, which is great for covering up those acne scars and random pimples.
  • It has a bunch of shades to match to your skin tone.
  • Lasts all day on my skin, which is really great for those days when I don't feel like touching up or if I know that I am going to be out all day.
  • Easy to blend and dries fairly fast.
  • Different skin types: Dry to Normal, Normal to Combination, and Combination to Oily
  • The foundation has no pump, which makes it not sanitary. I wish that Revlon would come out with newer versons of this foundation with a pump because it makes it sanitary and its better to control how much amount you want. I always hate pouring out foundation because too much comes out of the bottle and ends up being wasted.
  • The foundation could be a little on the heavy side.
  • If you don't moisturize your face and have a couple of dry patches on your face from acne medications then this foundation will make them even more noticable.

If I ever run out of this foundation, I would probably repurchase if I don't find a better drugstore foundation. I hope you liked my review and swatches. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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  1. what number you use to fit me maybelline?
    i use the 240 of revlon c.

    1. Sorry that this comment is a bit late. I just found out about it now. For some reason, blogger doesn't alert me on all the comments posted on my blog. Actually to answer your question, the Maybelline FitMe foundation that I have is a bit too dark for me. Its not the correct shade, if you think you have similar skin tone as me. The FitMe that I bought is in the shade 245 (way too dark for me) so you might want to go for a lighter shade. I hope that this comment was some help to you...


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