Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Blendable Powder Blush & Highlighter in 006 Autumn Catwalk

Hey everyone! Today I just wanted to review a product that I have been loving and using since I bought it. It is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Blendable Powder Blush & Highlighter in 006 Autumn Catwalk. I bought this blush at CVS during their clearance sales for under $2USD. I have been wanting this blush ever since I saw EmilyNoel83 rave about this blush in a couple of her past videos. Since it was on sale, I just couldn't past it up and immediately put it in my basket! I am so glad that I have this blush. I have been wearing this everyday for almost a month now and I definitely have to say that I am loving this blush. It just gives my cheeks a perfect color and glow.

This blush has 3 shades, which I love. You can use all three shades separately or you can blend them all together. With this blush, its sort of like you are getting four different blushes in one product, which I love! The first shade (on the left) is a light pink shade with tons of shimmer. The shimmer in the first shade is very noticable. Whenever you use your blush brush (or any brush you would use to apply blush), you would see shimmer flying around. I hope you can tell by the picture above. I took the picture after I applyed my blush and that was all the shimmer that was flying off. I had placed one of my palettes underneath because I couldn't find any black paper lying around in my room. The middle shade is somewhat a dusty pink with minimal shimmer, which is hardly noticable. The third shade (on the right) is gorgeous rosy pink. When blending all three shades together, you get a dusty rosy pink that gives your cheeks a beautiful glow. I love blending all thee shades together and using the left shade as a highlighter for the top of my cheekbones.

This blush is very pigmented. All three shades are gorgeous colors and when blended together is even better! It isn't even hard to blend all three shades together. All you have to do is swirl your brush around all three shades and you are done! This compact is very small. Its great to bring with you in your purse because its the perfect size that it doesn't take a lot of room in your makeup bag.

PACKAGING: Its small and convenient to bring with you during the day. The packaging is a plastic clear top that you just flip to open. It comes with a small brush as well but I just tossed that into a container that I use for hold all the brushes that I don't use that comes with all my blushes and eyeshadow palettes. Its a small brush that I can't see anyone being able to use it as a blush brush. The packaging is somewhat cheap looking but thats okay because the actual product is great.

PRICE: I bought this on sale at CVS during their clearance sales. I can't remember the exact price of this blush but I do remember that its around $2USD with tax included. Regular price would be around $3-$5 USD plus tax. Prices vary by stores and region.

WHERE: You can find this blush anywhere Rimmel products are sold. You can purchase this at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Ulta and WalMart.

❀ Long lasting, it lasts almost all day on my cheeks.
❀ Inexpensive
❀ Easy to find
❀ No fragance
❀ Pigmented
❀ 3 separate shades which you can use separately or blend together, so its somewhat like getting 4
     blushes in one!

❀The first shade (on the left) is very shimmery, so it might be a con to some.
❀Shimmer fallout, as you can see from my picture

All in all, I would definitely recommend this blush to anyone who doesn't mind having a bit of shimmer in their blushes! This is definitely great for those blush fanatics out there, you know who you are! This is a gorgeous blush and its so inexpensive. It comes with a decent amount of product. Net weight is 0.15 oz and 4.5g of product. I love this blush and have been using it everyday since I bought this. It gives my cheeks that gorgeous color with glow. I love how I can use it as a blush and use the first shade as a highlighter for the top of my cheekbones. If you haven't tried this blush yet, definitely run out and get it!

Have you ever tried this blush before? Have you tried any of the other blushes from Rimmel? I heard that there were other shades for the blendable powder brush and highlighter but I haven't seen any. What do you think about these Rimmel Lasting Finish Blendable Powder Blush & Highlighter?

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  1. I definitely want to pick this up now, looks so pigmented!

    1. Ooh you should! Its such a pretty blush! Plus I really like how it has three different shades, which you can use separately or together.


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