Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Christmas Presents (Christmas 2011)

Hey everyone! I know this post is somewhat late but I am going to post this no matter what. LOL Better late than never! So this post is just about the presents that I got this Christmas. It isn't a lot but thats fine. You know the older you get, the less present you get and the more presents you buy. I am not bragging or anything. This is just to show my friends and followers what I got because I always love seeing these kinds of posts and hauls. These are the only beauty related products that I got. I got mostly clothes, accessories, and money. I sort of wish I had gotten more beauty products like some Sigma brushes or some makeup. LOL That's fine because I can always wait for a sale and buy those things myself because its always the thought that counts!

What I got:
Faith Hill in True
LOL This scent is great for women who aren't that much into floral scents. I would probably say its more classy but still great for the younger generation.

Shakira Perfume Set
This set included two perfumes. One of them is eau florale and the other one is S by Shakira. They both smell so good. The florale one great for during the daytime and the S by Shakira is perfect for the night time. LOL I never thought about Shakira perfumes but these smell pretty good!

The other beauty product that I got was from a friend. I have never tried Missha products before and have always wanted to try BB creams and I guess she remembered. This only a sample size. Its 10g, which is fine because it gives me the chance to try it out. This is the Missha Signature Real Complete B.B Cream SPF 25 PA++ in No.21 Light Pink Beige. I haven't tried it out yet because I am worried that it might not be the right shade for me. I am assuming that its pink tones because of the name and my skin tone is yellow toned. This B.B Cream is supposed to be great for whitening, UV blocking, and wrinkle repairing. Like I said, I can't wait to try this out because I have been hearing so many great things about BB Creams!

So that's all I got for Christmas that is beauty related. I won't be posting up my other presents. Keep in mind that I was not bragging. I just love seeing these kinds of posts and wanted to take part. I love all the presents that I got and I am grateful for even getting anything. LOL Let me know if you tried out any of these products before or if you have any of these perfumes. What do you think about Shakira perfumes? Do you like her? Let me know..

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