Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: WnW Juicy Lip Balm SPF 15

Hey everyone! I don't know if you remember but I did a review about these WnW Juicy Lip Balm SPF 15 last year but now my opinions about it have changed and I wanted to do another updated review on these. I haven't tried all of the different shades but I am pretty sure they are almost the same. Keep in mind that these are my own opinions. These lip balms might work differently for your lips. Everyone's lips are different.

Okay, so these are somewhat new products. They were just released last year. I think they were released around July 2011. So far, I think there are only 4 different shades. I don't know if WnW are going to be releasing new shades. The current shades are:
❀ 283C Strawberry (1st swatch)
❀ 281C Raspbery (2nd swatch)
❀ 280C Cherry
❀ 282C Watermelon

The two shades that I bought and will be talking about in this post are Strawberry and Raspberry. I was going to buy the Cherry one as well but there was only one left and it was already opened and tampered with. I bought the green one as well just to try out because I was curious about the color. If you haven't seen these, Watermelon is a green lip balm. Yes, you read right! It is a GREEN lip balm. I took it home to swatch it and oh my goodness, it came out sickly green. I tried it on my lips because I didn't want to be skeptical about it. I mean, who knows, it might look better on my lips. Boy, was I wrong! It have my lips this horrible green shade. I don't know why WnW would come out with a green lip balm. Who would buy and keep a green lip balm? I immediately returned it the next day. Haha! It literally makes your lips look like they are sick. These are tinted lip balms because they do give off a tiny amount of color on your lips.

Okay, onto the actual review on the ones that I bought! Taken from Wet N Wild's press release, "Good enough to eat! These delectably juicy lip balms keep lips moisturized all day, while protecting that pout from harmful UVB rays with SPF 15. The four mouthwatering flavors are enriched with avocado oil, vitamin E and natural marine extract for continuous moisture."

I personally disagree about these being delectable. After a couple of times wearing these, they just started to leave a nasty taste in my mouth. These didn't hve a taste the first couple of times trying these but after a couple of days, they started to have a taste. There was actually a time where I had to buy some gum because it left such a horrible taste in my mouth and throat that I couldn't take it. Even my boyfriend commented on it after he kissed me. Haha! That was a little embrassing but sort of funny at the same time. He actually told me to stop using them and to just chuck them, which I couldn't because I paid for these. Yes, I am a cheapie! LOL Plus I don't know if these are really moisturizing. They tend to slide around on my lips and I feel like I need to reapply every few minutes or just wipe it all off and use another lip balm.
The biggest thing that I hate about these lip balms is that they made my lips peel after a couple of times of using these. It made them so dry. I have never had my lips peel from using a product before and these just were horrible for my lips. These have a decent amount of product. I would mostly call them jumbo lip balms because they are much more bigger than your typical drugstore lip balm. These do have a fragrance to them. They smell true to their name. They smell pretty good. Even my little brother likes the smell of these lip balms as well. He says that they smell yummy, too bad that they don't taste yummy as well. I really like the Strawberry one because it smells like the scratch n sniff strawberry.

You can buy these anywhere where WnW products are sold. I have seen these at Target, WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, and RiteAid. Prices may vary by region but I bought these for $2.99USD plus tax. WnW products do tend to go on sale at drugstores. I have seen WnW products go for 40% off sometimes at RiteAid. If you don't want to pay $2.99USD for a lip balm, then you can wait for sale.

  • They are tinted lip balms. You just have to beware of the Watermelon one because it will give your lips a sickly green tint.
  • Inexpensive, they retail for $2.99USD plus tax.
  • They have SPF 15, which is always great for the lips.
  • They have a ton of product. Each lip balm contains about 0.26 oz of product.
  • You can see the actual color through the clear cap.
  • They leave a nasty taste in your mouth and throat.
  • They don't keep your lips moisturized. With these, you have to reapply constantly, more usually than with another drugstore lip balm.
  • The packaging is somewhat kiddish looking and cheap. I see little kids getting attracted to these more than adults. The cap is just a clear plastic cap
  • The product doesn't go all the way down in the tube, so you have to be careful when you put the cap back on otherwise you might nick the lip balm.
I would not recommend these WnW Juicy Lip Balms SPF 15! I would see little kids getting attracted to these but even I wouldn't buy these for my little nieces and cousins because of the bad taste. All in all, I don't even use these anymore. I might just throw these away but I hate wasting money. I do know that everytime I use these, they make my lips peel after a couple of uses.
What about you? Have you ever used these lip balms before? What do you think about these?

**All written content (except for the quote from the WnW press release) belongs to me. All pictures belong to me. Please do not use or steal my content and pictures for any reason.**

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  1. oh my glob! good thing you made this review. i was supposed to buy this a few days ago!

    1. Haha! Good thing you didn't because they suck! Save your money, girl and buy other better products!


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