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June 2012 Favorites

Hey everyone! Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of July already? Wow, I can't believe how fast this year is going by. I feel like yesterday was New Years' Eve and now we are already half way through the year. This month, I don't really have that many favorites. Some of these products are products that I always use in the Summer because they help keep my makeup lasting longer. Plus they don't melt off my face or make my face oiler during those hot days. Okay so lets get onto the products that I have been loving in the month of June!!

Okay, I know that some people might not actually like this primer because they dislike the feel of silicone but I don't really mind it. Its a great primer and as long as it doesn't break me out and keeps my makeup lasting longer than I am going to continue using it. Not only does it keep my foundation on all day, it also gives my face an almost pore-less look. For right now, I only have the travel size (which is in the old packaging) but thats fine because this little baby will last me a long time, especially since I only use foundation primer during the Summer.

The shade that I have is Light/Medium. It was a little bit dark for me but since Summer is here and my face is a little bit tanner, this has been the perfect shade for me. I love using this concealer to cover up my pimples because this is the one concealer, that I have found, that doesn't irritate my pimples (popped or unpopped) at all. Keep in mind that this concealer does contain salicylic acid but not enough that it starts burning like acne gels. The packaging is pretty much like a lip gloss and what I like to do is just dab some onto the back of my hand and then use my fingers to apply the concealer onto the places that I need it.

Now if you been keeping up with my posts or blog, then you would know that I love this foundation. I love it so much that I even bought back-ups of it. This is my last one that I have in the old packaging and I can't wait to try out the new ones that I bought because the newer packaging comes with a pump! This is the one foundation that doesn't irritate my pimples like the Revlon ColorStay foundation does. Plus its not heavy and it gives off the perfect coverage that I need. I use this foundation everyday and whats great about it is that during the hot days, it doesn't melt off well at least for me anyways.

This brush is so huge that whenever its in my hands I feel like its a microphone and it makes me want to start singing. LOL I like using this brush for many different things like after applying my foundation, I like to use this brush to make sure that my foundation is fully blended or I would sometimes like to use it to apply my blush. I have used this brush to apply my bronzer but for right now, I like using it to blend out my foundation.

If you didn't know already, this brush is included in the CVS clearance sale. Right now, its 75% off on clearance, so the price is around $1.75USD plus tax. Plus what makes it even better is that inside the actual packaging, there is a coupon for a dollar off any Essence of Beauty purchase and it has no expiration. So it you want to try out this brush, now is definitely the best time before they are all sold out. This is a pretty good duo ended brush. One is side is a large eye shadow brush that I like to use to apply shadow all over my lid. On the other side is a dome crease brush, which I use to apply shadow into the outer corners of my eye lids. Overall, its a nice brush to have. I have washed it a couple of times already and so far, no shredding.

This is in 05 Blushed Wines and all the shades have shimmer finishes. I bought this a while back during the CVS clearance sale last year. I bought pretty much all their quads but only kept this one and gave the rest away. I don't think Revlon sells a quad similar to the shades in Blushed Wines but I could be wrong. If you have seen one similar to these shades, please let me know. This quad comes with four pretty shades that can all be used for one eye look. For me, I don't use all four in one eye look because I like to have a shimmer lid and outer corner color but I like to keep my crease and highlight matte. All-in-all, the shades are pigmented and soft to the touch. If you would like to see a separate post with swatches of this quad, definitely let me know.

Now I am sure everyone knows about this palette. It is the most talked about palettes from Urban Decay besides the Naked 2 palette. I bought this palette a couple of months ago and I have been using it almost everyday. I try not to use it all the time because I have a bunch of other shadows that I don't want to neglect and collect dust. In this whole palette, there are five shades that I constantly use. They are Virgin (highlight), Sin (lid), Naked (crease), Buck (crease), and Toasted (outer corner). If you would like to see some EOTD posts using this palette, definitely let me know and I will come up with some.

I have this in Blackest Black. I love this mascara because it gives my lashes length. I like to use this mascara layered over my other mascaras. This is the one mascara, that I have tried, that makes my lashes look longer. Not only does it give my lashes length, it also holds a curl all day.

The shade that I have is Barely Legal and Too Faced describes this as a "marshmallow pink," which I think describes this shade really well. This is the one lip gloss that I always keep in my purse and has been one of the lip glosses that I have been wearing almost all day for the month of June. I really like everything about this lip gloss like the packaging and the color. At first, I didn't really like the tingly mint sensation that it gave to my lips but after a while, I got used to it. This is supposed to give your lips a plumper look but my lips are already full (but not full to the point of Angelina Jolie lips) so I can't really say if it actually plumps your lips.

I have this in the shade 645U Big Apple Blush and its a gorgeous pink. For those hot days, I like to use this and aplly a powder blush on top to make it last longer. I love blush and my favorite blush shades are pink blushes. I just think that pink goes well with my skintone and plus it goes with pretty much every look. The creme blush is very easy to apply and blend out on the cheeks. These are now discontinued but I have heard that some people have been spotting them at their Dollar Tree, so if you are interested, you can check there before they are all gone.

I have this in the shade 006 Autumn Catwalk. I have been wearing this blush almost everyday because its a gorgeous pink blush. This blush comes with three shades and I love blending all three shades together. This blush just gives my cheeks a glowy pink color. You can use each shade alone or blend them all together. I never tried wearing them a lone before but I love all of them together. To see my review with swatches of Autumn Catwalk, you can CLICK HERE.

So that is all for my June 2012 favorites! These are all the products that I have been using and loving for June. I am sure that some of these products will continue to move onto my July favorites like the Almay Clear Complexion foundation. If you have any questions or would like to see reviews and swatches on certain products, definitely let me know! Plus if you love any of these products as well, definitely let me know. I would love to know which products made it into your monthly favorites as well.

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  1. Good Favorites! I have the same Eco tools Bronzer brush and love it!!

    1. Yay! I'm happy to hear that you have that bronzer brush and that you love it as well!! What are the uses that you use it for? I use it to blend my foundation and sometimes to blend my blush, especially when I feel like I applied too much. Haha, don't want to go outside looking like a clown, you know! I would love to know other ways to use the brush. Thanks for following, girl!!


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