Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Products From Maybelline (Feat. Dream Fresh BB Cream & Luminious Lights Collection)

Hey everyone! Yesterday, I had some time and decided to go to Walgreens. Of course, I went to a further Walgreens because the store by my house is always late on new products and the further one never disappoints. I saw a couple of new displays but this one was the first one that caught my eye because it was another new drugstore BB cream. So far, the only drugstore brands that have came out with American versions of BB creams are Garnier, L'Oreal, and now Maybelline! Plus what I really like is that both L'Oreal and Maybelline have testers on their displays, which makes it easy for makeup lovers like us to figure out our correct shade. Too bad that Garnier didn't do that when they first came out with their BB cream. Even though they only came out with two shades, it would have still been a little easier with testers, I'm just saying.

Okay onto the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream! Maybelline describes their BB cream as a "8-in-1 beauty balm skin perfector." Plus it also has titanium dioxide sunscreen with "broad spectrum SPF30". Their BB cream is in a squeezable tube like the Garnier BB Cream and are all in 30 mL (1.0 FL. OZ), which is pretty much the typical size for most products. Apparently they came out with five different shades. The five shades are:
➸ Light Sheer Tint
➸ Light/Medium Sheer Tint
➸ Medium Sheer Tint
➸ Medium/Deep Sheer Tint
➸ Deep Sheer Tint

I did of course, had to try out the samples. The shade that I tried was the Light/Medium Sheer Tint When I first tried it and put some on my hand, my first thought was that this BB cream is extremely on the watery side. It literally felt IMO that they added mostly water. Maybe you just have to shake it up before you use it to get everything mixed and evenly distributed but of course, I couldn't because the samples were glued down to the display. To me, this product required a lot of blending because it was on the watery side. The coverage was pretty light but still decent, afterall the shade names include the words "sheer tint" so don't be expecting heavy coverage from these unless you layer it on like crazy but who would want that. If you are someone who needs medium to heavy coverage, you might not like this because it probably pretty much just gives your face a light tint of color.

To be honest, I am not sure how I feel about this product because the formula doesn't feel like a typical BB cream but of course, I could be wrong and would just have to shake the bottle because it feels like its on watery side. It felt pretty much like watered down foundation on my hand when I tested it out. I probably won't be buying this unless it was on sale for under $4USD and I had a coupon. LOL

Have you seen the new Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Creams yet?
Would you be interested in trying these out?
Which drugstore BB CReam are you looking foward to getting your hands on?

Hey everyone! I spotted another display yesterday while I was at Walgreens. This time, its an eyeshadow collection from Maybelline. Its the Maybelline Luminous Lights ExpertWear Eyeshadow Collection. First off, I noticed is that the packaging is the same, which I like. I really like their sleek black packaging, that Maybelline now has for their ExpertWear line, compared to their old blue packaging back in the day.

For this collection, Maybelline has come out with four new shades. I don't have the names for each quad because I wasn't being very smart when I was taking pictures of this collection. I thought that the name of the quads was on the front of each quad but I didn't notice that they ALL said Luminous Lights. SMH When I was taking the picture of the first quad, I saw Luminous Lights and thought that that was the name of that quad and went on to taking pictures of the next quads and all the while, not noticing that they all said the same thing. LOL

While I was looking at each quad, I realized that I pretty much like all the quads in this collection. All of the quads are definitely wearable and pretty much all the shades are everyday neutrals. Another thing that I noticed that each shadow had an imprint on them, which is different from the typical ExpertWear shadows. I hope that you can notice the design imprinted on the shadows from my pictures. My camera isn't that great with focusing.

Have you seen the new Maybelline Luminous Lights ExpertWear Shadow Collection yet?
Which quad caught your eye?
What do you think about this new collection?

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