Saturday, June 30, 2012

Walgreens Haul (Feat. Ardell & Walgreens Facial Lotion)

Hey everyone! Remember when I went to Walgreens last week and bought a couple of Ardell lashes because they were on clearance! If you would like to see that post, you can CLICK HERE. I was told that they were going to clearance some more Ardell lashes and I am glad that I listened because there were a couple more. I guess I came a little bit late because there were only three left but thats better than nothing. I also bought some facial lotions because they were on clearance as well.

Walgreens Oil-Free Moisturizing Facial Lotion SPF15 (X2)
I never tried Walgreens brand skincare before but these were on clearance. I was going to buy all of them but there were only three left and one was already opened and out of its packaging. I hate it when people do that. This Walgreens facial lotion is supposedly comparable to Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF15 Lotion, which I have never tried before either but have heard good reviews about it. Since it was comparable to a pretty known drugstore skincare brand, Neutrogena, I decided to get it to try out. I bought two, one for myself and one for my mom to try out as well. These will probably be great for the Summer because they have SPF15 and they provide UVA/UVB protection. Plus they are also fragrance-free and won't clog pores, which is definitely great for those hot Summer days. These were on clearance for $0.89USD each!! Now that my friend is definitely a great deal!!

Ardell Special Occasion Lashes "Amore"
Ardell Special Occasion Lashes "Fairytale"
Ardell Special Occasion Lashes "Sublime"
Omg! I don't really need anymore false lashes but these were at such a great deal that I couldn't pass up. Plus they are still regularly priced at other stores. These were on clearance for $0.85USD each. Can you believe that? All these lashes were under a dollar each!! I love each of these lashes. They all look so cute! My favorite would have to be Amore because of how it looks but that might change once they are worn on. LOL

So that is all for my Walgreens haul!! Hopefully you all liked it and liked all the great deals that I was lucky enough to get! All of these items were under a dollar each and plus I had RRs, which made my OOP (out of pocket) even smaller. This was definitely a great haul for me IMO.

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