Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunglasses Haul (Feat. F21)

Hey everyone! I am sad to say that my favorite sunglasses broke a few days ago and I was in need of another pair of sunglasses. I was a little bit sad because they were my favorite pair and I pretty much wore them everyday since I bought them. Since I liked them so much, I decided to go to F21 and see if they were selling any similar pairs. They didn't have any pairs similar since I am guessing that they come out with new styles every year. I decided to get three pairs because two of them were inexpensive.

I bought them in all different colors because I like to match my sunglasses to my outfit. LOL I bought a white pair because the ones that broke were cream colored but they didn't have any and the closest was white. I also bought a pink pair because I love pink! Both of these pairs were only $1.80USD each! Wow that is definitely a great deal. I don't think I ever paid that little for a pair of sunglasses before. I wanted to buy more of these but in every color that they sold but then I remembered that I wouldn't really need that many pairs.

The last pair of sunglasses that I bought are blue foldable glasses. I didn't really need a blue pair but I thought the concept was pretty neat so I bought them anyways. I might give them to my little brother since he seems to lose his sunglasses a lot and these are more easier for him to keep in his pockets since they fold up. I took a picture to show you guys what the glasses would look like when they are folded. Its pretty small and compact, easy to put into your purse, clutch, or pocket. This pair was $5.80USD or $6.80USD plus tax. I can't remember the exact price.

So that is all for my sunglasses haul. I hope that you guys like it. So far, I am really liking these glasses and can't wait to be wearing them to the beach. Remember, sunglasses are important to wear, especially when the sun is hot and bright because they protect your eyes. Always make sure to carry a pair of sunglasses with you, especially when you are going to the beach.

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