Friday, June 22, 2012

SPOTTED: New Nail Polishes (Feat. Sally Hansen & Revlon)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know about a bunch of new nail polish collections that I spotted. I spotted some from both Revlon and Sally Hansen but first I am going to talk about the Sally Hansen collections and then the Revlon polishes at the end. If case, you all wanted to know I spotted all these displays at Walgreens but I am sure that they will soon hit all the drugstores soon.

The first display that I am going to talk about is the Color Celebration Collection for the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails nail polishes. I do own a couple of Hard As Nails nail polishes and I really like them. I think I own about 6 polishes from this line.

What I really like about this collection is that its mainly dedicated to American pride because of the obvious colors. This collection comes with two different shades of blue, two different shades of red, a white polish, and a clear polish. All the colors dedicated to the American flag, which is great for this upcoming July 4th! The shade names for this collection (L-R) are:
➸ 710 Gem-stone
➸ 110 Hard To Get
➸ 440 Tough Love
➸ 470 Unbreakable Heart
➸ 800 Crystal Clear
➸ 670 Teal Steel

Have you see the Color Celebration Collection yet?
Which shades are you wanting to get your hands on?

The second Sally Hansen display that I saw was the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Summer Splash Collection. I actually really like the shades in this collection and might actually consider getting a couple, especially the last polish on the right. That one glitter polish looks like it will be a great topper for other polishes.

All of these shades look great for the summer, hence the name, Summer Splash. This collection has 6 polishes and all of them are gorgeous shades. One of them is a re-promote from another new collection, called Color Celebration. Going from left to right, the shade names are:
➸ 310 Rock N' Roll
➸ 670 Teal Steel
➸ 610 Hard Lemonade
➸ 340 Firm Fig
➸ 240 Tough Chick
➸ 300 Rock Candy

My favorite shades from this collection are Firm Fig, Tough Chick, and Rock Candy. If I wasn't on my quest to finish up a couple of polishes before buying more, I would definitely buy all three of those polishes, especially Rock Candy. I wonder what it will look like when worn alone on the nail. It would probably require a lot of coats for the actual color to show up but it will still be pretty otherwise.

Have you seen this collection, Summer Splash?
Which shades are you most interested in?

The other two displays that I am going to show next are from Revlon. The first display from Revlon had polishes that are all crackle polishes, hence the name of the collection, Cool Crackle. If you didn't know, crackle nail polishes were all the rage a couple of months ago. I don't know why Revlon would come out with them now since the trend isn't as popular as it was before and because its not like they are going to sell a lot of these.

I have a couple of crackle polishes and I don't even touch them anymore, same with my magnetic polishes. Eesh, I need to learn to stop buying polishes when they are in trend because they are only going to get a couple of uses before they start collecting dust. Even though the crackle trend is over, I can I can see why Revlon came out with these because there might still be some people who haven't tried them yet because they didn't want to pay $8USD for a crackle polish whereas they could pay around $4USD for a Revlon one. I personally won't be buying any from this collection because I don't need anymore crackle polishes but if you are a fan of Revlon polishes, you might like these.

Are you still in love with crackle polishes?
What do you think about this crackle collection from Revlon?

The next and final (but not least) nail polish collection that I saw was for the Revlon Nail Art and the collection is called The Brightest Neons. This collection seems pretty interesting since Summer is here and neon colors are always in trend for the Summer.

These nail arts come with duo sides. One side is a white base and the other side is a bright neon shade that is to be painted over the white base for the color to pop. This collection has eight new shades. Listed from left to right and front to back, the names of each nail art is:
➸ Neon Lights
➸ High Voltage
➸ Fuchsia Shock
➸ Hot Hue
➸ Ulta Violet
➸ Pink Glow
➸ Electric Blue
➸ Groovy Green

I really think these shades are pretty and definitely great for the summer. If you are a fan of neon polishes, you might actually be a fan of these. If you have tried these before, definitely let me know if you end up liking them and if the white base actually makes the color pop more.

Have you see this Revlon Nail Art The Brightest Neons yet?
Have you tried these nail arts from Revlon yet?
Which shades are you interested in getting on your nails?

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  1. Those nail arts look really cool hun!! Never heard of them.. xx

    1. Yeah, they look really interesting! Plus if you see them in person, the color is more bold and popping. Definitely let me know if you ever do decide to get them and if you end up liking them.


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