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Finished Products (June 2012)

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to do this post for a while now. I have been seeing so many posts and videos on peoples' finished products that I thought it was about time I do one on mines. LOL I have finished other products before, like lotions, hair care products, and other makeup products but I just never thought to keep them for a post. I have had these finished products for about 2-3 months now and I am so glad that I finished them. Looking at all of these finished products, to me, they feel like little trophies. **Keep in mind that these are not full-on reviews, if you would like to see a full-depth review, definitely let me know!**
Here are the products that I finished up:
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation
I have been using the foundation (not the same bottle but repurchasing) since I was in college. Its a good foundation that is not too heavy but gives off decent coverage. I like wearing this during the days because it has SPF in it. But like always, there is a downside to foundation that has SPF. If you end up wearing too much of this and have to take pictures with flash at night, you will end up having a white cast on your face. This was my first ever foundation and I never knew what give me a white cast in pictures. I always thought it was because I was just really pale and the light just enhanced it. LOL I found out the answer four years later after getting into makeup. Tisk Tisk. SMH. This is a good foundation for the daytime but not at night for pictures. I am in the shade Buff 4(C), which is a little bit light for me but the next shade up is too dark. I could just buy both and mix them together but I would rather just save money and use a bronzer. LOL
Almay Clear Complexion With Blemish Heal Technology
I freaking love this foundation! I am on my second bottle and I have about 3 backups (in the newer packagin with the pumps, yay). Usually I wouldn't buy so many backups, especially when the product is a liquid foundation but my RiteAid store was closing down and they had everything 50% off storewide. I bought 2 at $6.99USD and got back $2RR. I also bought another one 75% off, which was an even better deal at $3.99USD plus tax. This is a great everyday foundation to wear. I love wearing this whenever my face is breaking out because its not heavy and doesn't irritate my pimples. I wear the shade 220 Neutral, which is almost perfect for me but I still use bronzer as my all-over powder.

Almay Intense i-Color Light Interplay Technology Mascara "031 Black Finish"
This mascara was pretty good. It didn't really do anything like complement my eyes like how Almay claims but it didn't make them black and gave them volume. It didn't really do anything with lengthening my lashes. The brush on this mascara is pretty huge. The formula is somewhat dry so you have to work really careful with this otherwise you will get clumps.
Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara "Very Black"
This mascara really did nothing for my lashes. The only reason why I bought it was because I needed a waterproof mascara for those rainy days. I would also use this whenever I would go to the beach and it held up pretty well. I wouldn't be repurchasing and am already trying out another waterproof mascara form a different brand.
ELF Studio Cream EyeLiner "Black"
I do not like this eyeliner at all. After the first couple of days of using it, it dried up big time. The last time I used it, it just feel out of the container onto the floor and went straight to the trash. I will not be repurchasing at all.

Maybelline ExpertWear Blush "10 Rose Silk"
Rose Silk is a gorgeous dusty light pink. This is a great everyday blush to have on the cheeks on goes well with pretty much every eye look. This was the first blush that I ever had and the first one that I ever finished up! Its in the old packaging and I don't know if Maybelline even still has this shade. LOL

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm
I actually got this as a freebie a while back. I don't really like this lip balm but felt the need to finish it anyways because it would be a waste to throw away. This lip balm has a that minty medicine smell, like something that you would rub all over your chest to feel better when you were sick. Once on the lips, it also makes your lips feel tingly which I did not like at all. Overall, I didn't like and will never purchase. Thank goodness, it was just a freebie.
SoftLips LipTint Lip Conditioner SPF15
This was actually a pretty nice lip balm. It did have a frosty pink tint to it. If you are not a fan of frost lip products, do not get this because you would not like it at all. I usually don't like frosty lip products because on my lips, they would usually seep into the cracks and give the appearance of peeling lips. Yuck. Even though I didn't like the frost, it did moisturize my lips.
EOS Lip Balm "Strawberry Sorbet"
I love the smell of this lip balm. It smells so good that I wish it was edible. LOL Even though it smelled really good on the lips, it felt waxy. It didn't keep my lips moisturized at all. I felt like I had to reapply this frequently throughout the day. Even though the packaging is really cute, I would not be repurchasing. I have a couple of others that I bought on sale, which I will try to finish up or be giving away.

VS Ultra-Softening Body Butter "Secret Crush"
Oh em gee! I love the scent! It is one of my favorites from VS! If you are a fan of pear scents, definitely try this out! If I ever do get to finish up all the lotions in my collection, this scent will be the first that I will repurchase.
Sarah Jessica Parker Body Butter "Lovely"
This was and is my first ever high end body body. I got this as a freebie when SJP was promoting her new frangrance line. I loved how good it felt on my skin. I finished this maybe a year or two ago but kept the packaging because I love how it is. I just use it to hold my bobbi pins and hair bands. LOL
VS Ultra-Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream "Ravishing Love"
This is another favorite scent of mines from VS. It smells really floral and has hints of pomegrante, blackberry, and lilac. This smells really good. I have a backup of this and am currently almost out.

ELF Brush Shampoo
I am so glad that I finally finished this off. Its just an alright brush shampoo but nothing special. I would rather just wash my brushes with regular hair and/or baby shampoo.

So those are all the products that I finished up! I am so glad that I finished up all these products and can't wait to finish up more. LOL Hopefully I will be doing more of these types of posts. If you have finished any of these products or any other products, definitely let me know. I would love to know.
**All written content and pictures belong to me. Please do not use or steal for any reason.**

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