Friday, June 15, 2012

CVS Clearance Haul (Feat. Kiss, PF, Clean & Clear, Maybelline, CG, Revlon, L'Oreal, and Essence of Beauty)

Hey everyone! So its that time of year again! CVS is having their clearance sale again! Yay! This time, they don't really have that much but thats fine with me. Its better than not having anything on clearance at all. What makes this clearance sale even better is that CVS is printing out 30% off entire purchase at the red box machine. Even though these 30% off coupons can't be used on sale and promotion products, they can be used on clearance items, which makes the deals even better! But if you use manufacturer coupons, then you would save even more money!

PF Hydrating & Balancing Moisturizer SPF 15
PF Ultra-Hydrating Day & Night Cream
I bought both of them items because they were only $4.99USD each. Regularly priced, they were $19.99USD plus tax. I don't know why they are on clearance when they were just recently released but I guess PF is discontinuing the Moisture Balance line since CVS tends to put discontinued items on clearance. I might give these to my mom since I already bought the SPF15 one a few weeks ago and don't really need a back-up.

Clean & Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Gel Pen
This was under $3USD but I had a $1USD off any Clean & Clear coupon, which made the deal even sweeter. I love Clean & Clear so I bought this to try out. I really like how its meant for on-the-go. Plus it does dry to a white film like the other Clean & Clear acne stuff that I have. This one dries to a clear film so its great to use whenever and you don't have to worry about it peeling and looking nasty.

CoverGirl Shadow Quad "225 Berries & Cream"
This was only $3.15USD and I had a $1USD of any CG product, so I only paid $2.15USD plus tax. Yeah! I bought this because I haven't tried CG shadows much and I also don't have a lot of purple shade shadows.

Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad "12Q Plum Smokes"
This was on clearance for $4.15USD and with my coupon for $1USD off, I only paid $3.15USD plus tax! I love these Maybelline quads so I always try to buy a couple whenever they are on clearance. Again, I bought more purple shades because I don't have a lot of purple shadows in my collection.

Kiss Nail Dress "Princess"
I wasn't sure about buying this since I already know how to do cheetah/leopard print designs on my nails but these have fake "studs" looking bumps on the nail stickers. I am not sure if I am going to keep these or give them away. This was $3.49USD but with my $1USD off coupon, I only paid $2.49USD plus tax.

Essence of Beauty Smokey Eye Shadow Brush (X2)
These were $1.75USD each. When I got home, I found out these inside the packaging, there is an $1USD coupon for any Essence of Beauty brush and it has no expiration date. I am definitely going to be using these coupons to buy more of these brushes. I actually like these kind of brushes since they are great and all you would typically need for an eye look. The shadow brush is great for all over the lid and to apply shadow onto the crease. Plus the other end is great for applying darker colors onto the outer corner and blending.

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Dull Skin Primer
I bought the one meant for light skin. They have another one for medium to darker skintone but since I have light, fair skin I bought the one meant for light skin. I never tried this primer before but have always wanted to get it. I never could justify paying over $12USD for a drugstore primer that I might or might not like so since it was on clearance, I knew I had to get it. This was $6.65USD but with my $2USD off coupon, I only paid $4.64USD plus tax. If you have tried this primer before, definitely let me know if its any good or not.

Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick "590 Lilac Champagne"
I never tried this line of lipsticks from Revlon before but since it was on clearance, I bought it to try out. I bought the one that has a creme finish since I don't really like lip products that give off frosty finishes. This was $2.49USD but with my $1USD off coupon, I only paid $1.49USD plus tax. That is definitely a great deal for a Revlon lipstick!

So that is all for my CVS clearance haul. So far, I haven't tried any of these products yet but I will soon! Have you ever tried any of these products before? Have you been taking advantage of the CVS clearance sale? Definitely let me know if you have tried out any of these products before an what products have you been buying from the sale! All I know for sure is that I am definitely going back and getting some more items! So definitely stay tuned for my other CVS hauls, which will be coming up within the next few weeks.

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