Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review/Swatches: Philosophy The Color of Grace Eyelighting Shadow Duo in "01 Heaven & Earth"

Hey everyone! Today, I thought it was time to post up some swatches of this Philosophy Eyelighting Shadow Duo in "01 Heaven & Earth". I bought it a last month when Philosophy was currently being sold at Big Lots. Since then I have been using it so I can come up with a review. If you have been keeping up with my posts, then you would know that it was recently featured in my May 2012 Favorites post, which you can CLICK HERE if you missed that post.

➸ Compact is very small and fits in the middle of your palm.
➸ Compact is easy to bring with you during the day for any needed touch-ups.
➸ The compact is mirrored all the way around with "the color of grace" writtin on the front in white font.
➸ Inside the compact is a decent mirror that is the same size as the compact.

This eyelighting shadow duo was only $3USD plus tax. That is definitely a great deal, especially since Philosophy is a high-end brand that used to sell makeup at Sephora but now they are only selling bath and body products.

You might be able to find this duo at Big Lots. Some stores have been putting Philosophy displays at random places throughout the store while other stores tend to put them in the makeup aisles. If you can not find any in the makeup aisles, I recommend asking some employees if they would know where. Some employees might not know what Philosophy is (that actually happened to me and I had to walk around the enitre store to find the display), so you might want to bring a picture of some of the makeup because they might recognize it. I haven't been to Big Lots in a while so I don't know if they are still selling Philosophy makeup or if it wasn't only a promotion for Mother's Day. If you decide to take my advice, I have a couple of pictures that you culd save onto your phone and show to the employees, which you can CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.

The light shade is really pigmented and only took one swipe yet the brown shade took a couple of swipes for it to show up in the pictures. The brown shade isn't that pigmented an will need a couple of dips with the brush. With one swipe of the brown shade, you can barely even see it. Even through the brown shade isn't that pigmented, I like to use it as a crease color since I have monolids, I tend to prefer less pigmented crease shades on my lids. The light shade is a gorgeous highlight as well as a all-over lid shade. I would also sometimes use this shade in the inner corner of my eyes to give them a brighten look. In my pictures, both shades look matte but they are not matte. The light shade has a frosty finish and the brown shade has some shimmers but its barely noticable when worn on the eyes. Its almost looks matte but its not.

 Overall, I really like this duo because its great for everyday looks. Even though only one shade is pigmented, I think this duo might be great for those who like sheer shadows and aren't yet comfortable with pigmented shades. This might be great for beginners because these shades are very neutral shades. Oh yeah, I just want to mention one thing before I end this post is that I love the little saying on the mirror. On the mirror, it says "philosophy: see the beauty in everything." I know its not a huge saying but I love how its on the mirror and whenever I use the mirror I read the quote.

Have you tried Philosophy makeup?
What do you think about this eyelighting shadow duo?
Would you buy this?

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