Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Haul: Sonia Kashuk LE Star Studded Brush Set

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to post this up for a while now but I have been busy with all my SPOTTED posts. This brush set was bought last week at Target when they had that $3USD off any SK cosmetics. I never tried any SK brushes before and I am pretty sure that I have enough ELF and EcoTools brushes to last me a lifetime but I couldn't help myself. I have always been curious about SK brushes and have heard great reviews about them, especially the SK brushes with the black handles.

This brush set was on clearance at the Target store that I went to. I did end up going to another Target because I wanted a SK summer palette that was on clearance as well but both of the last ones at this Target were all touched and swatched. At the next Target that I went to, none of the summer LE products were on clearance. So if you go to your Target store and don't see these on clearance yet, they probably will be soon. So be patient.

The only product that was still entact and untouched was the LE Star Studded brush set, which of course I bought! This brush set comes with 7 brushes, which all have turqious handles. The majority of my brushes are ELF and EcoTools brushes so all the handles are black, white, and brown. Its definitely nice to have some colorful brushes. The brushes are pretty lightweight. All the brushes have the words "Sonia Kashuk" on the handles. I wish that they had the names of each brush on the handles as well. All the brushes are so soft and I can't wait to wash them and give them a try. Hopefully they are shedders. In this set, there are:
➸ Powder/Blush brush
➸ Large Angled Eye Shadow brush
➸ Eye Shadow brush
➸ Crease brush
➸ Shader brush
➸ Bent Eyeliner brush
➸ Spoolie brush

This brush set also comes with a cute brush case, which I am definitely going to be using as a clutch for nights out. The case is pretty sturdy so I don't have to worry about anything falling out or getting broken if I drop the case. Plus it holds its shape. Another thing that I like about this case is the clasp on the front. Its in the shape of a pyramid that you just twist to lock or unlock. When its lock, its pretty secure and I don't have to worry about anybody being able to stick their fingers and trying to steal something or anything falling out and getting lost. I will probably be using this to hold my phone, drivers license, keys, and lipgloss.

What about you guys? Have you seen this brush set at your Target store? Have you ever tried SK brushes before and what do you think about these brushes? Definitely let me know because I would love to know. If you would like to see a review or any close-ups pictures of the brushes, definitely let me know!

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