Sunday, July 1, 2012

CVS Haul: FREE Nivea Plus MM, $0.49USD PF Matte Shadow, and FREE PF Lip Gloss

Hey everyone! Oh my goodness, this week at CVS is really good. Right now at CVS, they are having great sales on Physicians Formula cosmetics where everything regularly priced $7USD and over will be $7USD off. So for example, if your CVS store sells a PF concealer at $7.99USD then with the sale, the concealer will be $0.99USD plus tax!! Now that is definitely a great deal. I just bought two items for now because I wanted to see what other products were at the other CVS stores in my areas first. Plus there are 3 CVS stores near my area and all three have different prices and I couldn't remember which one had the cheaper pricing.

PF pH MatchMaker pH Powered Lip Gloss @ $2.99USD plus tax
Pay $2.99USD plus tax but there was a coupon on the product for $3USD off, so I got this for FREE and just paid tax

PF Matte Collection Quad Eye Shadow @ $0.49USD plus tax
Pay $0.49USD plus tax!!

Now that my friend is definitely a great deal. Paying only $0.49USD plus tax for matte shadows! That is a fantastic deal, especially for one who is trying to expand their matte shadow collection. Plus paying $0.49USD plus tax for one item when regular price, it would be over $8USD plus tax is definitely great for those who are on a budget or just want to try new products.

Also, one really big deal at CVS right now is on the Nivea travel tins! Right now, they are buy 1 at $0.99USD plus tax, get back $2ECBs so that is definitely a MM (moneymaker) deal. The limit is 4 per household card. If you can't find the regular blue tins, then the deal also works on the white tins as well, which are the Nivea Soft. I bought four in all one transaction and got my ECBs back. YAY! It was pretty much like CVS paid me in ECBs to buy these from them.

Buy (4) Nivea Creme tins or Nivea Soft tins @ $0.99USD plus tax (limit 4 per household card)
Pay $3.96USD plus tax, get back $8ECBs!! Total MM deal (moneymaker)!!

So that is all for my CVS haul. I definitely know for sure that I am gonna go back and buy some more PF products, especially with this great deal. Plus if you buy $30USD worth of PF cosmetics, you can get a $10 gas card back. I am not sure if I am going to buy that much but the deal would have been better if I had those $1USD off any PF cosmetics coupon from the Sunday newspaper because I would have saved more money with some of those. So if you haven't hit up your CVS store yet, definitely do so before CVS changes the Nivea deal. LOL

Are you going to take advantag of both the Nivea and PF deal?
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  1. I love that PF quad! It's a great collection of matte eyeshadows

    1. Hey Carly! Yeah I just started using it today and already I love it! I love using matte shades as my crease color. I have mostly shimmer shades so its great to have this to expand my matte shadows. Glad to hear that you love it too! Plus thank you for following my blog!


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