Saturday, June 9, 2012

SPOTTED: Almay Wake Up Foundation & Blush+Highlighters

Hey everyone! Here is another display that I recently spotted. It is the Almay Wake Up line. They have new liquid foundations and new blushes+highlighters. I haven't tried anything from this line yet but the products do seem interesting. These products claim to give you a radiant and well-rested look.
I haven't tried the foundation yet but I do like how they come with pumps. I might have to give this foundation a try sometime because I love their Clear Complexion foundation, which I have a couple of backups of. This line of foundation is supposed to "instantly boost hydration by 132% (that is a weird number to claim) [and give your skin a] soft, luminous finish."

This collection also comes with some new blushes+highlighters. I really like how both come in one small compact because its great to bring with you on the go. I haven't tried any of Almay's powder blushes before so these seem pretty nice. These claim to "instantly brighten your face and sculpt [your] cheeckbones." So far, I think there are three shades.

Have you seen these new products from Almay yet? If you have, did you pick anything up? Let me know what you think about these products because I would love to know.

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  1. I LOVE this line! I am a makeup junkie and I've tried almost every single brand (including the pricy ones from Sephora), and each foundation was okay but didn't seem to be "the one". From BE, Tarte - either not coverage, too thick, cakey, made me break out, etc. This is actually the first drug store makeup foundation I've purchased, and I love it way more than the others. Not only do I feel like I'm not wearing makeup, I don't break out, my skin is hydrated, and I look/feel well rested and it doesn't fade throughout the day. The eyeshadow is quite impressive as well, same with the blushes. I must say that this product outdoes a lot of other department store products, and it just goes to show that "name brands" can be beat by great quality products from Almay.

    1. Oh wow, I just love how passionate you are about how drugstore brands can compete and sometimes brat the higher end brands and I definitely agree with you. Although I haven't tried many high end products and/or brands, I have tried some and sometimes they just aren't as good or pretty much the same quality as a drugstore brand. I mean why pay more when you could pay less for pretty much a product that does the exact same. You're just pretty much paying for the brand name.

      I haven't tried the Wake Up line yet but I have tried both the foundation and the liquid concealer from the Almay Clear Complexion line and I love it. I have like 4 extra backups of the Clear Complexion foundation because I always try to buy it whenever its on sale. I will definitely try out the Wake Up liquid foundation soon because I really like the concept of it. I might also buy the blush with the highlighter attached because I love me some blushes! What other drugstore brands(that I haven't tried or featured in my blog yet) and/or products would you recommend me trying? I would love to hear your opinions!


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