Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Target Haul: Bathing Suits & Sally Hansen

Hey everyone! I don't know why but this year I went crazy over buying bathing suits. It could be because this year, Target had a printable coupon for $3USD off any bathing suit. I don't know if Target has this coupon every year but this year was the first that I heard of it. Even better is that Target started to put some of their bathing suits on clearance already before the summer time. Any whos, when I found out about the coupon, I printed out a whole bunch since I tend to go to Target often. SMH

This haul is from a few weeks ago and since then I have already bought more bathing suits that I need to take pictures of. SMH I only bought two whole bathing suits and two bottoms that I thought were really cute. Plus they were all at such a great deal (with the coupon) that I couldn't pass them up. Even without the coupon, the prices were still good because the majority of the bathing suits on clearance were under $10USD.

The first bathing suit that I picked up was a matching top and bottom. What I really love about this besides the bright summer colors is that the top piece is a push-up. This is my first push-up bathing suit top. It does look somewhat like a bra with the underwire and the extra cushion but because of the colors and stripes, I won't feel like I am wearing a bra at the beach. Another thing that I like about the top is that the straps are adjustable since most bathing suit top straps tend to be too big for me. I also love the bottom that it came with that I just had to get it.
Top: $5.38 (minus $3 off Target coupon) => $2.38USD paid
Bottom: $4.48 (minus $3 off Target coupon) => $1.48USD paid

I also bought two bathing suit bottoms because sometimes I like to mismatch my suits. I don't have any white bathing suits just mainly because the color white tends to make people look bigger whereas black makes you look slimmer. Also I remember one time when I was at the beach, I saw a girl wearing a white bathing suit and when she came out of the water and was walking up to the sand, her white bathing suit let everyone on the beach see EVERYTHING from the TOP to the BOTTOM area. I don't know why her friends didn't bother to tell her or maybe she liked it like that. IDK But after seeing that, I was paranoid about white bathing suits. I do know for sure is that I am going to soak these and see if I can see my hands through the material before I wear these out.
Bottom: $4.48 (minus $3 off Target coupon) => $1.48USD paid

Another bathing suit bottom that I bought is a black and white bottom. I just love how it has striped ruffles around the top part and then polka dots on the bottom part front and back. I thought that it was really cute and really flattering on. I can't wait to wear this to the beach soon. I might just wear this with a black top or with a sold color top.
Bottom: $4.48 (minus $3 off Target coupon) => $1.48USD paid

The last bathing suit that I bought is definitely an attention grabber pice. I love how this bathing suit has so many different patterns on it. Plus its so colorful and definitely great for the summer. The top has ruffles and it comes with adjustable straps for the shoulders but it ties around the back. I love how its kind of tribal, floraly, and has zebra prints for the top. Now for the bottom, it doesn't have any ruffles but its still cute either way. Around the hips for the bathing suit, it has a floral print and for the bottom part of the peice, it has a "tribal" print on the front whereas on the back, its zebra print. Its just so cute and unique. I might wear these together or just mismatch them with different pieces.
Top: $4.48 (minus $3 off Target coupon) => $1.48USD paid
Bottom: $4.48 (minus $3 off Target coupon) => $1.48USD paid

I love all the pieces that I bought and can't wait to wear them to the beach soon. Hopefully the weather clears up because right now, its cloudy outside. With the coupons, I saved so much money. I saved about $18USD because of all the coupons that I used! Yay! All bathing suits are from the xhilaration swim line since that is the only brand that was under $5USD on clearance!!

I also picked up two beauty related items because the store that I went to had a ton of Sally Hansen Salon Effects. There were probably like 4 small bins filled with these and they were all under $3USD each!! I only picked up two because the rest of the other designs looked like something that I could easily recreate. I picked up both All-A-Flutter and Not A Peep. Both designs are so colorful and great for the spring and summer. Plus they have little animals on them so they are so cute! All-A-Flutter has colorful butterflies all over the strip and Not A Peep has little colorful birds. Not A Peep looks so cute because it looks like the little birds are going to kiss. Haha!

So that is all for my haul. I hope you liked it! If you love Sally Hansen Salon Effects but don't want to pay $10USD for one, then definitely hit up your Target because they have a couple on clearance. I recommend going before all the good designs are gone. If you do end up going to Target, definitely let me know which designs you picked up because I would love to see!

What do you think about my bathing suit haul?
Do you like any of the pieces that I bought?
Did you take advantage when Target had their $3USD off Target coupon?

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