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More New Shades & Products From L'Oreal (Feat. Color Riche & 24HR Infallible Eye Shadows)

Hey everyone! For this post, I just wanted to show you guys a bunch of products by L'Oreal. Some of them are new products and some of them are just new shades for their line. I am going to be showing you guys new shades for both the Color Riche and the 24HR Infalliable Eye Shadows. Plus L'Oreal also came out with new products, which I am very excited about.

First, I am going to be talk about the Color Riche lipsticks. I don't know about you but I have always been interested by the L'Oreal Color Riche line but have never tried it. If you didn't know already, the L'Oreal Infallible lipsticks always give my lips a weird reaction. Once I apply that line of lipsticks on my lips, they instantly start burning and itching like crazy. Plus if I start scratching them, they start oozing out clear liquid (not a pretty sight, I must admit). Some of you might be saying TMI right now. LOL Since then I have been freaked about trying out any lip products from L'Oreal.

Everytime I go to a drugstore, I always tend to end up in the L'Oreal section and pick up a pretty shade from the Color Riche line but always end up putting it back because I don't want my lips to get messed up. They are just starting to heal again but they still feel weird when I wear a lip balm or lipstick over it. For right now, they can only handle lip glosses. Plus my lips have been peeling like crazy and sometimes lip glosses just make them look worse. I just can't wait for them to be normal again.

Okay, enough of my crazy lips, lets get onto the collection. I am not sure if these are all new shades for the Color Riche line but I think they might be. I took picturesof each shade since on the actual packaging, you can see what color the lip product looks like. Some of the shades were already gone so I don't know what they really look like. Guess I got there a little too late. The shades in this collection are:
➸ 176 Sunset Angoria
➸ 177 Fiery Veil
➸ 178 Cardinal Plume
➸ 179 Cherry Tulle
➸ 180 Silky Java
➸ 181 Sheer Linen (which was sold out)
➸ 170 Cotton Pink
➸ 171 Pink Cashmere
➸ 172 Blushing Sequin
➸ 173 Velvety Fuchsia
➸ 174 Rose Taffeta (another shade that was sold out)
➸ 175 Violet Chiffon

I see that from the whole display, both Sheer Linen and Rose Taffeta were the most popular shades since they were the first to be sold out. Sunset Angoria is the next one because there was only one left in the display. Other than that, I really like the shades in this collection. I think that all the shades are definitely great for the Spring and Summer. They range from pinks, corals, neutrals, to purple. Definitely all girly shades! LOL

Have you seen this new display yet?
Have you tried the Color Riche lip products yet?
Which shade had caught your eye from this display?

Now I am going to be showing you pictures of the new shades for the 24HR Infallible Eye Shadows. I remember when these shadows came out, they were so popular and in demand. A lot of the shades were hard to find. Plus they were being compared to the Armini shadows, which made them even more wanted. I personally have never tried anything from Armani before so I wouldn't really know. I still got to say that I really like these L'Oreal 24HR Infallible Eye Shadows and am glad that L'Oreal came out with new shades!

For this display, L'Oreal came out with six new shades. They came out with all pretty shades. I took pictures of each shade and with the name of that shadow right next to it. Good thing, the display was fully stocked and that there was two of each shade. LOL I just got to admit that I love the packaging on these because I love how you can see the actual color of each shadow without having to rely on the color of the sticker since the majority of the time, they are nothing alike for most makeup products (example: lipsticks).

The new shades that L'oreal came out with are:
➸ 337 Endless Sea
➸ 556 Smoldering Plum
➸ 335 Golden Emerald
➸ 996 Liquid Diamond
➸ 557 Glistening Garnet
➸ 800 Bottomles Java

For some reason, Smoldering Plum came out looking dark brown in my close-up picture but its more like the color of the one in the display in the first and second picture. I definitely have my eyes set on both Liquid Diamond and Endless Sea. Usually I don't wear blues or silvers but those two are just so pretty. All-in-all, all the new shades are pretty and I can see a lot of them are going to be hard to find once they start hitting everybodys' store.

Have you seen the new shades for the L'Oreal 24HR Infallible Eye Shadows yet?
Which shade(s) would you be wanting to get your hands on?

Now I am going to talk about the new product from L'Oreal, which is the 24HR Infallible Lacquer Liners. I haven't tried these but I will probably end up buying them because I am on the search for a really good drugstore gel liner.

Right now, I am using one by Maybelline (which I really love) but I want to see if there is an even better one. The packaging on these are pretty much the same. The liners come in a glass container and they also come with a full-size liner brush whereas the Maybelline one comes with a travel size brush. These sound pretty good and I definitely can't wait for them to go on sale. Right now, at Walgreens, they are $10.49USD plus tax. If you have these already, definitely let me know because I would love to know how well they are compared to the Maybelline one.

Have you seen these new L'Oreal 24HR Infallible Lacquer Liners before?
Would you be interested in trying these out?

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