Sunday, June 17, 2012

SPOTTED: L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

Hey everyone! Oh my goodness! Today, I was driving around to go to my friend's house and saw a Walgreens on the way there. This was my first time checking out this Walgreens because its very FAR from my house. Lets just say that I am totally jelly of the people who live in that area because that Walgreens is definitely quick with their new makeup displays. I went to the Walgreens by my house in the morning and they didn't even have any of these new displays. Bummer! Hopefully they will bring it out soon and when they do, L'Oreal will be BOGO 50% or even better 40% off! Only a girl can dream, LOL!

The first display that I saw, I was just blown away. I knew that L'Oreal was going to come out with a BB Cream but I didn't know when they were going to release it. According to the display, they only have 4 different shades. I was going to purchase the Light one to try out but that was the only shade that was sold out. The four displays that they have are:
➸ 810 Fair
➸ 812 Light
➸ 814 Medium
➸ 816 Dark

If you don't know what a BB Cream is, its pretty much an all-in-one face product. It has primer, corrector, moisturizer, and the "foundation" all in one product. Plus it is supposed to help perfect your skin tone and discolorations. L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream claims to:
➸ Smooth your skin's texture
➸ Correct even complexion
➸ Hydrate your skin and give you all day moisture
➸ Give you perfect coverage and hide your imperfections

What I also love about this is that on the display, L'Oreal included a little tester for anyone to come and try it out. I don't know what shade is the tester but L'Oreal claims that it is supposed to instantly match to your skin time. The tester came in a pump but the actual products for sell are in squeezeable tubes. I was so glad that there was a tester because it was almost like being a kid in a candy store and getting to sample the candy. LOL

When I tried out the tester, the actual product came out clear (which you can see in my picture). There was also little brown spots (or "beads") mixed in with the white cream. You can't see the brown "beads" in the picture, but trust me they are there. When I blended everything out on my hand, it automatically changed to a flesh tone color. It was very easy to blend out. I wish I had tested it out on my other hand because I had had a swatch of a lipstick that I was testing out earlier in the morning. Let's just say that that lipstick is very long lasting on my hand (expect review coming soon). I really did like how it automatically changed the shade and instantly covered up all my purple and green veins on my hand. For those of you are sensitive to smell, it didn't have a fragrance to it (not that I noticed). One thing that I do know for sure is that when this display hits my Walgreen store, I am definitely picking one up in the shade Light!!

Have you seen this new display for the L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream?
Have you tried any BB Creams?
Are you excited and planning to buy this?

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