Sunday, June 17, 2012

SPOTTED: L'Oreal Revitalift

Hey everyone! It seems like L'Oreal recently came out with a new skincare line called Revitalift. I have never seen this line of skincare from L'Oreal before but its a recent line with just new products, definitely let me know so I could correct this post. This new skincare line seems pretty interesting because it gives you results for three things, which are:
➸ Repairs wrinkles
➸ Redensify
➸ Re-firm skin

So far, there are three new products for this line. All three seem interesting and probably what I might what to try sometime in the future. In the display, there is a:
➸ Concentrated Serum Treatment
➸ Eye Treatment
➸ Deep-Acting Moisturizer

For this line, if I were to buy something, I would probably buy the Deep-Acting Moisturizer. The reason being is because I love moisturizers and tend to apply that more than serum or eye creams for some weird reason. I just wish that they had put the moisturizer in a pump packaging than a jar just because its more sanitary and I hate having to stick my fingers in there to get product.

Have you seen this new display for the L'Oreal Revitalize yet?
Have you tried this new line Revitalize yet?
Would you be interested in trying out any of these skincare products?

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