Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spotted: WnW & Rimmel

Hey everyone! Its been a while since I have seen new products from Rimmel since they came out with the Kate Moss lipsticks. I still haven't had a chance to try out those lipsticks yet but I do know that the red one from that line is the most popular and has always been sold out at my Walgreens, which is fine for now because I have been using m lip glosses more often now. Since I was at Walgreens during the weekend because I had some RRs thats were going to expire, I decided to look around to see if they had any new displays. There was only this one by Rimmels and another from WnW.

First, I am going to talk about the Rimmel products. Rimmel has recently came out with display of lip glosses called the Stay Glossy 6HR Lip Gloss. I think this is just a display for new shades because it says that they won the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award in 2011 and the lip glosses also won the 2011 award for the Seventeen's Best Beauty Award. On the display, it says "largest selection 24 shades available" but I am not sure if they mean that its the largest selection for Rimmel or for all drugstore lip glosses. What do you guys think? Definitely let me know!!

For this display, the new shades are (starting from left to right):
➸ 260 My Eternity
➸ 340 Captivate Me
➸ 640 All Day Seduction
➸ 160 Stay My Roose
➸ 050 Unlimited Gold
➸ 120 Non Stop Glamour
➸ 140 Always Lovely
➸ 540 Timeless Allure
➸ 430 All Night Long
➸ 820 Seduce Me

I must warn you that almost of these shades in this display are probably all shimmers, except for the clear gloss. I think most of these shades are more for Fall than for Summer. All of the shades seem dark and somewhat mute, which are all shades that are typical for Fall. I guess Rimmel is trying to get started since Summer is already here. All-in-all, these seem pretty nice. I never tried any glosses from Rimmel before, just their lipsticks and blushes, so I might have to pick up to try out and review.
The next one that I spotted was something "new" from Wet N Wild. If you didn't know already, WnW tends to do these types of promotions where they bundle a bunch of their products in puts them together to be sold at a great price. They do this for their nail polishes as well as their actual makeup products. The last time they came out with a deal for their nail polishes was their Summer Pail, which they had a couple of their FastDry polishes with nail arts and nail stickers all together in a summer pail. This time, WnW has decided to put their nail polishes in a reusuable clear bag, which I actually think is great for those who travel a lot because they can reuse the bag to hold their makeup. Plus its great because its clear so you can see whats inside and it makes it more easier to find the product that you are looking for.

This reusuable zip case comes with 8 nail polishes. There are 4 MegaLast nail polishes and 4 FastDry polishes, which are all great polishes from WnW. If you haven't tried MegaLast polishes yet, they are supposed to give you 5-day, long wearing and chip resistant color. Plus they just reformulated and repackaged these. I heard that these are definitely better than the ones in their old bottles. FastDry polishes are pretty good as well but not as popular as the MegaLast polishes IMO. They claim that one coat dries in 60 seconds.

On the actual product, you can't really tell which shades are in the case. I tried looking online and hopefully all the shade names are correct. It was a little hard since the swatches on the actual WnW website are a little bit decieving because they don't look like the actual shades. Starting from the MegaLast polishes to th FastDry polishes, the shade names are:
➸ 218A I Need A Refresh-Mint
➸ 204B Private Viewing
➸ 213C On A Trip
➸ 212C Heatwave
➸ 224C The Wonder Years
➸ 232C FuchsiaRama
➸ 222C
➸ 225C Sage In The City

All 8 polishes with the reusuable case are sold for $9.99USD plsu tax. I really think that is a great deal because if you bought these polishes all at regular price, you would definitelty be paying more than $10USD. Each MegaLast polish retails for $2.99USD and each FastDry polish are $1.99USD plus tax. If you had bought all of these in one transaction, all regular price, it would be $11.96USD for the MegaLast and $7.96USD for the FastDry. All together, you would be paying $19.92USD plus tax!! That is double the price of what you could be paying if you bought this instead. Wow!
Have you ever tried Rimmel Stay Glossy 6HR Lip Gloss before?
Which shades would you be likely to try out?
Have you ever tried nail polishes from Wet N Wild?
Which line of polishes from Wet N Wild do you prefer: MegaLast or FastDry?
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  1. Heatwave is more coral towards orange, the one in the set its definetly red so i think it may be i red a good book

    1. It could be "I Red A Good Book." The swatches on the WnW website are kind of decieving. The actual set didn't have any of the names on the back so I had to compare from my pictures and WnW website. I definitely have to go back and compare the two polishes! Thanks for the heads up!


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