Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swatches: Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder in Rose Gold

Hey everyone! Since Spring is here and Summer is on its way (YAY!), I have been highlighting my face. I feel like it gives my face a much needed glow. Having your face look all glowy and bronzed is always in for Summer. If you didn't know already, I got this from a friend. She uses this as a finishing powder and intended to buy this as a backup but since she hasn't hit pan on her's yet, she decided to give it to me. This is my first Stila product and I am loving it. So if you are reading this Joan, thank you again. I haven't been using this as a finishing powder because I use my bronzer for that. My face is on the pale side so I like to use my bronzer to set my liquid foundation to give it some color. Instead of using this as a finishing powder, I have been using it as a highlighter for the top of my cheekbones and sometimes on the bridge of my nose.

Its a gorgeous highlighter! I included some swatches and what it looks like after you blend it in. I use this with a eye blending brush from Coastal Scents. I would provide the link of the brush but I checked yesterday and they don't sell it anymore, which is a shame. I feel like a blending brush applys the product perfectly onto my skin, without it looking too much. The only thing that I was sad about was that the product wasn't in an actual pan. Instead there was glue on the actual product. I wish Stila has just placed this in a pan because it wastes so much product since you can never use the part that has the glue on. All in all, I really like using this. Its gives off a gorgeous glow and is a pretty shade.

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