Thursday, March 1, 2012

Swatches: Revlon Nail Polish in 261 Sparkling

Hey everyone! So if you have seen my previous RiteAid haul, then you would know that I just bought this nail polish a couple of days ago. FYI: Friday (March 2, 2012) is the last day for the 40% off Revlon Cosmetics at RiteAid. I have been wanting to wear this nail polish ever since I got it in my hands. If you still don't know which nail polish that I am talking about, it is the Revlon Nail Polish in 261 Sparkling. Sparkling is one of the new glitter nail polishes that Revlon released a while back, probably around Christmas. It is a gorgeous glitter nail polish.

Even though I have a love and hate relationship with glitter, no matter what I just can't stop buying them. They may look all pretty and sparkly but they are a pain in the you know what to remove. LOL Sparkling has small fine glitters and big hexagonal glitters as well. I love how it looks on the nails alone and/or over a colored base. This nail polish is sheer. If you want the glitters to completely cover up the whole nail, you would need about three coats. I plan on doing a NATM post featuring Sparkling so stay tuned for that!

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  1. Good to know three coats will do it. I was a bit concerned after I bought this polish today, applied one coat and was like, "Hrmmmmmm." Googled it and found you - thank you!

    1. Sorry that this comment is so late. I just found out about it now. I hate that blogger doesn't let me know about all the comments. I hope that you will end up liking this polish as much as me. Please let me know if how you felt about it after trying three coats...


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