Sunday, March 4, 2012

Walgreens Haul

Hey everyone! Sorry if splitting up the hauls for Walgreens is weird. I would just put all of them together but I did two different hauls and for some reason, my second haul disappeared. I think its still in my car so I didn't want to wait to have all the products all together to take pictures because I wanted to do some posts. LOL I bought all of this stuff a few days ago at Walgreens when they were having the RRs on the Burt's Bee Cough Drops. I wanted to post up my haul earlier but I kept forgetting to bring the second bag in. I got tired of waiting, so I just decided to try to make it all into one post but separate the pictures since I don't want to take new pictures all over again. They are somewhat similar, so sorry if I end up confusing some people. LOL


What I bought:
I heard that these are the best makeup remover wipes from the Yes To line. I have never tried these before but I can't wait. I wasn't even considering on buying this because I have so many ELF Studio Makeup Remover Cloths stocked up in my bathroom. LOL I love those! I wasn't going to buy this but I had a $3USD off Manufacturer coupon on any Yes To product. Plus it was 33% off and it came with a bonus pack. I can't remember the exact price that I paid but it was around $4USD for two packs.

YES TO CARROTS NOURISHING RICH MOISTURE DAY CREAMThis was on clearance for under $3USD. I haven't tried this before buying it. I didn't even realize that it was a day cream until I bought it home. LOL This is such a heavy moisturizer that I will definitely not be using it for the day. Instead I have been using it at night because my face has been getting dry at night.

Rimmel products were 40% off last week but unfornately, the sale is now over. I just bought these nail polishes. I don't know why people would buy the single nail polishes when Rimmel came out with a display that had nail polishes with a bonus base & top coat included. Posh Pink is a gorgeous hot pink and is from the Lasting Finsh PRO line. French Rose is a really pretty light creamy pink. This shade is from their French Manicure PRO line because its a very light color that you can use for french manicures. I probably won't be using this for french manicure because I don't really have steady hands so my lines never come out looking clean. I am just going to be using this as an all over color for my nails.

I bought these in the color, 8A Medium Ash Blonde. I bought two but I only took a picture of one. LOL Don't worry, I am not going to dye my hair this color. I bought it was on clearance for $3.50USD and I had two $2USD off coupons for any John Frieda hair colors so I only paid $1.50USD for each plus tax. I am going to give these away to someone.

There were $1.99USD and you get back $2RR. I haven't tried these before and to be honest, I didn't even know that Burt's Bees even made cough drops. LOL Since these are 100% natural, I decided to give them a try.

I have never tried tweezers from this brand before but they were on sale, so I thought why not! Plus I love how portable these are since they come in plastic vials. I have tried one so far and these are sharp.

So I hope you like my small haul! Keep in mind that I bought these products a couple of days ago and the Rimmel sale is now over. Plus the products that I was lucky enough to find on clearance might not be on clearance at your stores. Items and prices vary by store.

**All written content and pictures belong to me. Please do not use or steal for any reason.**

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