Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nabi & NYX Haul

Hey everyone! Guess what? I found a store near me that sells makeup at inexpensive prices. I didn't really intend to go there for makeup but went there because I heard that they had a Pokémon book (sort of like a photo book) but for Pokémon cards. I went to buy some for my brother because he has wanted one ever since he saw his friends. I went there and couldn't find any. The people working there didn't even know what I was talking about, which is weird since my brother's friend said that he bought it there. Oh well. I saw that they had a small beauty section and went to check it out. They didn't have much and some of the makeup looked old so I had to throughly check everything just in case.

I saw a huge display for Nabi Magnetic Nail Polishes. I have wanted to try these ever since I heard of this brand being sold at Walgreens. At Walgreens, these retail for $4.99USD plus tax. I was lucky enough to find these for $1.99USD plus tax. I have tried the 07 Natural one, which didn't do so well. I heard that the shimmer ones were better because you could actually see the magnetic change better. Also the magnets on these polishes are really weak. They feel like refrigerator magnets. So you really have to hold the magnet over your nail for a LONG time. Hopefully, the 24 Blue Berry would work better. Also, if you are not a fan of smelly nail polishes, then you might want to stay away from these because they have a very strong smell to them. Usually I can stand the smell of nail polishes whenever I am painting my nails but these Nabi nail polishes are strong! I felt like I had to paint my nails at a certain distance because the smell was just so overwhelming. If you have tried these before, is the smell supposed to be strong and overwhelming? If the 24 Blue Berry one works, then I might head back and buy some more because they are so inexpensive.

I also some containers full of NYX products. I guess they were getting rid of their NYX makeup and were discounting them to $1.99USD plus tax. I guess I came at the right time. This is my first time trying out a NYX product. I decided to go ahead and buy a blush because I am a blush addict and I love my blushes. They didn't have that many blushes and the majority of them were broken, probably from being tossed into the containers. Shame! I bought NYX Blush PB09 Raisin, which looked like a mauvey shade inside with the store lights but when I got into my car, the shade was actually a mauvey brown!! I was sort of disappointed. I would have returned it but the store has a no return policy. Although to me, its mostly brown, it is a gorgeous shade when I swatched it. I have tried it as a blush and its alright. I really need a light tap with this because I am fair skinned. I have been using it as an eye shadow as a crease shade and I have loved it for that use. I will later be posting up swatches of this blush soon, so stay tuned..

So that is all for my haul! I might head back to the store and buy some more NYX products because I have been hearing so many good reviews on the brand. I would probably just be buying powder blushes and single eye shadows since that is all that they had. Have you ever tried any of the products that I bought? What do you think about the Nabi Magnetic Nail Polishes? Have you tried the NYX blushes?

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