Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1st DIY: Makeup Storage

Hey everyone! This week, I was feeling very creative and decided to do my first official DIY!! Its not perfect but its good enough for me. I wish that the edges were straighter and everything was clean and cut down clean. I am so happy that I made this. I have wanted to make one for months. I made it out of foam boards, which you find buy anywhere like Michaels, JoAnn’s, and any craft store. I recommend buying the foam boards at either the Dollar Tree and/or 99Cents Store. The foam boards are only $1USD each plus tax there. Whereas if you bought them at Michaels, you would be paying roughly around $2USD plus tax for one foam board.

I mainly bought the foam boards for a DIY Wall Nail Polish Rack that I saw on YouTube months ago but then I saw DulceCandy87's video where she made her own wall nail polish rack out of wood. She customized it to the size that she wanted and it seemed pretty affordable and easy. She just bought some wood pieces and super glued them but I am going to be nailing the wood pieces together because I wouldn't want it falling apart years later. Since I still had the foam boards and wasn't going to use them to make a nail polish rack, I decided to make a makeup organizer to put in my drawers. I just made the storage container simple because this was my first DIY and I didn't want it to be complicated and mess up. Sorry if the pictures are somewhat blurry. I couldn't get my camera to focus for some reason. After completing this, I still have 2 foam boards left so I am going to be making one for my lipsticks next. By the way, this makeup container that I made only used up one foam board so it only cost me $1USD plus tax and maybe 3 glue sticks. I bought a pack 20 glue sticks at the Dollar Tree for $1USD plus tax.

3 foam boards => $3USD plus tax => 1 foam board = $1USD plus tax
3 glue sticks => $1USD plus tax for a pack of 20 => $0.05USD for 1 glue stick => $0.15USD plus tax for 3 glue sticks

Total cost of making my own makeup container storage: DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!
$1.15USD plus tax (I already had the scissors and glue gun so I didn't need to buy those but total cost would be more if I didn't already have those two extra materials. You can find both scissors and glue gun at the 99Cents Store for $1USD plus tax each.)

Sure, this makeup storage container does take a long time to make it because you have to measure, cut everything precisely, and then glue everything together but in the end, its so worth it because its customized to your needs. If I had went to a store and bought one made out of plastic, it would probably have cost me around $9USD plus tax. I am so happy with my makeup storage and have already started organizing my makeup. I can't stop looking at it sometimes. Its just so nice and always brings a smile to me face but then again, looking at my makeup always brings a smile to my face. LOL Have you ever consider doing a DIY makeup storage? Or anything DIY? What do you think about mines?

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