Monday, April 2, 2012

March 2012 Favorites

Hey everyone! can you believe that it is already April and that March is now over? Wow this year is already going by so fast! This month, I only have a couple of favorites. Some of them are repeats and they are probably going to stay that way until I finish everything up. LOL That just shows how much I love it! I don't have much because I have been trying to use up more of my makeup rather than buy new ones, even though I have been craving to buy more.

I have been loving this ever since I got it. It is the perfect moisturizer for my face. I already bought a backup of this because I am almost running out. This is from the Yes To Clear Skin line, so its great for my acne prone skin. Plus it keeps my skin moisturized all day and has a nice scent to it. The scent reminds me of cinnamon. Its not overpowering and once its on your face, you don't really smell it. I also have a review post on this: CLICK HERE

I have been using this foundation for a couple of months now and I really like it. This foundation has salylic acid and is meant for those with acne prone skin because it helps treat acne. I have it in 220 Neutral, which is somewhat light for me but its a great shade for me in the winter. Plus if I want more color, I just apply bronzer all over my face as my setting powder. I always use this foundation during my monthly time because its light but provides good coverage. Plus because its light, it doesn't irritate my pimples and cause them to swell up and/or get more red. This is in the old packaging because the new ones now have pumps. If you would like to see a more in-depth review on this, please let me know!

I have been using this a lot this month and have been loving it. It is the perfect neutral palette. Plus what makes it even better is that it is so affordable! I think this retails for $2.99USD plus tax. You can find this anywhere WnW products are sold like CVS, Walgreens, and RiteAid. These shadows are so soft and they feel so buttery to the touch. They are very pigmented. Plus this palette also has both shimmery and matte shadows, which is great.

I don't use the whole quad but there is one shade that I have been loving. It is the shade that I circled in the picture. For me, this is te perfect highlight for my browbone. I use this with all my eye looks. Its a matte eyeshadow. I know for sure that once I run out, I am definitely going to repurchase this shade. Hopefully L'Oreal makes this one eyeshadow as a single because I love it so much. I have tried looking for dupes for this but I can't find any. This is an old quad from L'Oreal but hopefully they still make that one shadow. If you know for a perfect dupe for that one shade, please let me know.

I love this because it is a perfect all over the lid cream shadow. I love this because its so simple and easy. Whenever I am running late and/or feeling too lazy to do my eye makeup, I would just apply this all over my lid and I am done. This is a deluxe sample that I bought in the Benefit Stay Don't Stray set from Sephora for $10USD plus tax last year. It is a gorgeous shimmery pinkish-gold that is wonderful worn as a base or by itself.

This is my holy grail eyeliner! It is the perfect pigmented black. I bought this because it was more pigmented than UD Zero, which it is. I haven't tried the new one that UD came out with, which is said to be more pigmented than Zero. This eyeliner lasts a pretty long time on my eyeliner. I just wish that it wouldn't smudge so easy. If you would like to see a review with swatches, please let me know.

This is by far my favorite lip butter out of all the ones that I have. I am almost out of it as you can see in my picture. It is the perfect bubblegum pink. These are so moisturizing and last pretty long on my lips. These usually range from $6USD-$7USD plus tax but sometimes you can find them on sale. To see my review and swatches on this: CLICK HERE

This was the first matte top coat that I bought. I have really been into matte nail polishes these days and have been loving this. It gives any nail polish color a matte finish. I have been wearing this with so many different polishes. Plus it dries very quick. You can only find this at WalMart for $7USD plus tax.

I love this perfume and plan on collecting all of Britney Spears perfumes. LOL This ones smells so good and is perfect for the Spring/Summer. if you haven't smelled this perfume, you definitely need to go to a store and smell it for yourself.

So that is all for my March 2012 favorites! I hope that you liked it and that it was informative. If you would to know anything else about these products, don't hesitate to ask. What are your March 2012 favorites? Are some of them the same as my favorites?

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