Thursday, March 8, 2012

Target Haul

Hey everyone! Sorry if this post is also late. Its only a week late. I have been shopping so much at Target these past few days that I have been posting so many hauls from Target that I literally forgot to post this one as well. This haul isn't much. I was almost close to not posting it and was going to just delete the pictures but then I thought it would just be a waste of taking them and editing them, so here we are! LOL As you know these past few weeks, Target has been clearancing a bunch of their products to make way for the new ones. I don't think the clearance is going on anymore because I have been to two different Targets and all the clearance items are gone. Now all the Targets need to do is to start restocking their shelves because certain sections are so empty.

What I bought:
This came with a bonus product! I love it when Almay comes out with bonus packs because you get more bang for your buck. This mascara came with an bonus shadow stick. I have never tried the shadow sticks before but I am assuming that they are somewhat like the CoverGirl ones, which I have also never tried before. LOL This set is mainly for blue eyes but I think it will work well for my brown eyes as well. This was on clearance for $3.98USD plus tax and I had a coupon, so I only paid $2.98USD plus tax.

I haven't tried these yet but I heard that these are very good from my favorite makeup youtubers. I can't wait to try these out soon. I like the concept of these. Its pretty interesting. It has three different "dials" so you can get the perfect last effect for your mascaras. If you have the "dial" at number one, then it would give you full and dense lashes. If you have the "dial" at number two, then it would give you fuller lashes and volume. If you have the "dial" at number three, then it would give you the fullest lashes with extra volume. I bought all two in blackest black. These were on clearance for $2.44USD plus tax but I had coupons, so I only paid $1.44USD each plus tax.

This is in the shade 07 Fantastico Mauve. This was also on clearance but I can't remember the exact price that I bought it for and I already took the sticker off. I just love how this looks in the compact and can't wait to try it on my cheeks. It looks like it would be a gorgeous winter shade for the cheeks.

This nail polish was also on clearance and it was under $3USD, which is really a great deal for this brand! I have never tried this brand before because I think its sort of pricey for a drugstore brand nail polish, so I am really glad that I pretty much saved $4USD-$5USD on this nail polish! I bought it in the color, It's Not Me, It's Blue.

This was also on clearance. LOL I bought so many items on clearance. Oh well, it saved me a lot of money! I have never tried Organix products before but have always heard the great reviews on them. This product is supposed to be great for dry hair and split ends, so I can't wait to give it a try soon! Plus it smells really good! Its pretty much a conditioner that I will just be using on the ends of my hair.

I bought this for my brother. He was running low on shampoo and this one was the only one that I could find that smells good. I showed it to my brother after I bought it and he looked at the bottle and said, "But what if I don't want to smell like a smurf?" The packaging is blue and it has a picture of a smurf on it. Either way, he is just gonna have to use it because I don't want to go back and return it. LOL Sorry that I forgot to take a close-up picture of this but you can see it in the picture of my overall haul.

So that is it for my haul! Sorry that it was posted late. I hope you like my haul either way. I love shopping at Target, especially when they have their huge clearance sales!! What do you think about my haul? Have you tried any of the products that I bought? What do you think about them?

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