Monday, March 5, 2012

SPOTTED: Revlon Nail Art Break-Up (Perfectly Paired Duos Crackle Effect)

Revlon Nail Art Break-Up (Perfectly Paired Duos Crackle Effect) Display

Hey everyone! I just got back from Walgreens today. I didn't buy anything because nothing really interested me and I wanted to go to CVS instead for some Revlon nail polishes but I didn't get to go there either. LOL Guess I will have to try again another day. While I was there at Walgreens, I spotted a new display. I always get giddy when I see new displays in the front. Yes, I love makeup and nail polishes that much. Haha!

Anyways, I don't know if this collection just came out or not but today was the first day that I have seen it anywhere. The collection is called Revlon Nail Art Break-Up (Perfectly Paired Duos Crackle Effect). Basically its a dual-ended nail polish, where on one side its a regular one color nail polish and on the other side, its a crackled nail polish. I do love the one color nail polishes, they have some really pretty ones like the purples and the one taupe shade. I think Revlon should have came out with this collection back when crackle nail polish was all the crave because right now, magnetized nail polishes are the trend. All-in-all, I would probably just buy one or two to try out because I already have crackle nail polishes and I barely even use them anymore.

(L-R) Streamy Affair, Heart Break, Love Hurts, Cruel Intentions

(L-R) Cruel Intentions, Star Crossed, Ice Queen, Killer Instincts
 (L-R) Star Crossed, Ice Queen, Killer Instincts, Fatal Attraction
The shades that they have in this collection are:
Streamy Affair (Taupe with Orangey-Red Crackle)
Heart Break (Pink Glitters with Red Crackle)
Love Hurts (Lime Green with Silver Crackle)
Cruel Intentions (Gold Shimmer with Black Crackle)
Star Crossed (Purple with Blue Crackle)
Ice Queen (Purplish-Blue with White Crackle)
Killer Instincts (Orangey-Coral with Gold Crackle)
Fatal Attraction (Purple Shimmer with Deep Red Crackle)

Overall Look After It Dries

Overall Look After It Dries
Basically for these, you would need to do two steps. The first step is to just apply the colored side and wait for it to dry completely. After it dries on your nails, then you would apply the crackle side onto your nails for a crackle effect. According to the Revlon display, you just need two coats of the colored nail polish, which is pretty good. Have you tried these new Revlon duo nail polishes yet? Which ones would you be interested in? How do you feel about the crackle trend?

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  1. these look interesting :) I would love to try these out soon, eventhough it would probably take forever for them to launch in the U.K :(
    I really like the colour "star-crossed"

    1. Oh that sucks that sometimes products take a long time before they reach the UK. Hopefully they will come to the UK and be in your hands soon! Star Crossed is one of my favorites from the display as well. I just love the name of too! Star Crossed makes it sound so romantic. LOL


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