Sunday, March 4, 2012

Target Haul (3.4.12)

Hey everyone! I have been shopping at Target a lot lately because of all the good clearance deals that they are have recently. I did go today and they barely had anything left. The majority of the shelves were empty and most of the clearance items were gone. I can't wait for them to start stocking up the shelves, especially for the Revlon Lip Butters. LOL I didn't buy that much. I did buy some food but I had already put everything in the fridge before I had the chance to take the pictures. Everything besides the food that I bought were on clearance, so even though I did buy a lot, I still ended up saving a lot of money as well. Plus I also had coupons with me, so yay!!

What I bought:
This was orginally $8.94USD but it was on clearance for $2.68USD. Plus I had a $2USD off any Revlon Target coupon, so I only paid $0.68USD plus tax! I haven't trie
d this product yet but I can't wait. It is a gorgeous shade. I will probably be using it more as a liner instead but if it doesn't last long on my waterline then I will just use it as a shadow and smudge it out.

This was orginally $9.44USD but it was on clearance for $2.83USD. I had a $1 off Target coupon and $1 off Manufacturer coupon, so I only paid $0.83USD plus tax!! I just started wearing this today and so far I like it. I have never tried this line of L'Oreal lipsticks before. I might go back and buy some more. Hopefully the next time I go, there will be more on clearance! Its sort of a brown shade, which is way out of my zone because I have never wore brown lipsticks before until now but I think its growing on me. I will be doing a separate post later on and showing swatches as well.

This was orginally $10.49USD but I was lucky enough to find it on clearance for $3.14USD. Plus I used a $1 off Target coupon and a $1 off Manufacturer coupon, so I only paid $1.14USD plus tax. I wanted to buy more of these because I remember Judy from ItsJudyTime raving about how long lasting these are. I have tried this before but it was a long time ago when it was a lipstick form instead of a lipgloss. The lipstick version sucked and apparently L'Oreal changed it to a lipgloss and there have been so many great reviews on this. Hopefully this one will be way more better than the old version.

I bought three of these in different shades. I have never tried Sonia Kashuk lipsticks before so I was glad that I was able to find some on clearance. I have always been interested in these so I am finally glad that I have my hands on these. These were orginally priced $8.99USD but I bought them for $2.68USD each plus tax. The shades that I bought them are 23 Sheer Calspso, 01 Nectar, and 02 Azalea. I can't wait to try these out.

Sunny is probably the most popular drugstore bronzer and I have always wanted to try this. I love bronzers but not as much as I do with blushes. LOL I have been looking for Sunny because I heard that it was the perfect matte drugstore bronzer. This bronzer was so hard to find because it was always out of stock. I was so glad that my Target finally stocked up their shelves and what was even better was that they were on clearance!! OMG! I know that they were already inexpensive regular price but the fact that I could never find them at any of my stores and all of a sudden, they come back even more cheaper. So regular priced, they are $2.74USD but I got these for $0.82USD plus tax. I can't wait to try these out. I bought two because I was afraid that I would be able to find these again, plus since they were on clearance, why not!

I bought two because they were both on clearance. These are orginally $6.24USD but I found these for $1.87USD. What made this even better was that I had coupons. I had (2) $1 off Target coupons as well as (2) $1 off Manufacturer coupons so technically I got these for free!! I can't wait to try these. I got one in 50 Tantalizing Teal and 90 Silver Starlet.

I bought two of these. I love wearing these with my boots. I wear these a lot during the winter or on those cold days. I always buy a bunch of these at Target because I love how cute they are. These were priced at $2.50USD but I bought them on clearance for $1.75USD plas tax.
So I hope you all like my small haul. I didn't even know that the majority of my items that I bought were on clearance until typing up this post. LOL If I didn't buy any food, then it would all be clearance items. If you have a Target near you, you should definitely check to see if they have any makeup on clearance before all the good stuff is gone. Trust me, clearance makeup goes by fast!!

Have you been to your Target lately? Did you buy any makeup that was on clearance? Do you love using coupons? What do you think about my haul, you think I did any good?

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