Sunday, March 25, 2012

DIY: "Customize" Your Own Nail Polish

Hey everyone! I just came back from shopping. Don't worry I didn't buy anything, which is probably a first in my book. I was going to buy a nail polish that I saw but I remembered that I already had one similar to it so I didn't end up getting it. I can't remember the brand but it was a gorgeous orangey-coral with gold glitters. When I got home, I sort of regretted not getting it. Since I remembered that the main reason why I didn't buy it was because of a similar color that I had, I went through my nail polish collection like a crazy person, trying to find the one that resembled it.

The polish that closely resembled it was my Sally Girl polish. These polishes are sold at Sally Beauty Stores for $0.99USD plus tax, which I think is a rip off since I could buy a full size bottle of Sinful Colors for $0.99USD whenever its on sale but thats just my opinion. :D I have a couple o Sally Girl nail polishes and somewhat regret buying them because they barely get touched. I have about 4 Sally Girls nail polishes. If you would like to see which ones I have and swatches, just let me know and I will post one up!

The one that I decided to change up (and shown in the pictures) is Sally Girl "812160 Pink It Up." First let me just say that the name does not match the actual shade at all. LOL Also sorry about not taking the picture of the nail polish before I added the gold glitters. I forgot. Instead it is a gorgeous corally- orange shade, which is definitely in trend right now! Since apparently I got bored with this shade and it was gathering dust on my nail polish rack, I decided to change it up. What I decided to do was add GLITTER!! I had some extra glitter lying around that I bought years ago from Claires and decided to use that because I didn't any. I don't know why in some of the pictures, the gold glitter was coming off with a green hint to it because its definitely just plain gold glitter.

To make your own glitter nail polish, using one of your very old and/or inexpensive nail polish, all you have to do is just choose the color glitter that you want to add. I chose gold because I think that the gold looks so pretty with the coral orange. All I did was use a paper, fold it in half, and dump some glitter onto the paper. Once I figured how much glitter that I wanted to add, I just carefully added the glitter through the opening of the nail polish bottle and mixed it all together! Voila, you got a "brand new" nail polish!! Plus the best part is that I can just do one coat of this polish, since it was already opaque, and have full on glitter onto my nails! What do you think about my "new and customized" nail polish? Have you ever tried and/or considered doing anything like thid?

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