Monday, March 19, 2012

Swatches: China Glaze Electrify (Capitol Colours)

Hey guys! Guess what? The Hunger Games movie is coming out this week! YAY! I can't wait to go watch it. I am so excited! So far, I have only read the first book and am still trying to get my hands on the second one. I love it so much that I have also been trying the get the whole China Glaze Capitol Colours collection, which says a lot! If I do end up finding the whole collection and buying it, this will be my first nail polish compeleted collection.

Since the movie is coming out, I am painting my nails with one of the nail polishes from the collection as a dedication to the movie. When the movie comes out and if I do find the whole collection, I am probably going to be painting my nails with all the nail polishes. A different polish for each finger nail. I know that there are 12 nail polishes for each 12 districts so I am probably going to do some kind of design so I would be able to use all 12 on my nails.

Okay, so for this nail look, I am wearing China Glaze "Electrify". It is gorgeous glitter nail polish with both gold and red glitters. It has the tiny gold glitters and red hexagonal glitters. This is definitely a gorgeous glitter nail polish and I am loving it on my nails! If you didn't know already, Electify is made for District 5, which is the power district. Electrify is a clear based polish with glitters. In the pictures, I showed what this nail polish would look like with one, two, and three coats. For me, I prefer to use this nail polish with three coats because I like to have my nails completely covered with glitter.

You don't need to do three coats but can use Electify over a colored base nail polish. Electrify dried pretty fast, which is the usual for glitter nail polishes. I do have to admit though, that this nail polish dries gritty. So if you don't like glitter nail polishes that dries gritty, this might not be for you. I applied two coats of top coat, hoping to making the glitter smooth but I could still feel the glitters. So far, I am lovin this nail polish and can't wait to get the rest of the collection! Have you read the Hunger Games series yet? What do you think of the China Glaze Capitol Colours collection? What do you think of Electify?

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  1. yup this is one of 8 I picked up today, LOVE them all !

    1. Yeah, I saw your haul post. I love all the ones that you got! You got them at such great prices!

    2. I know right? I was totally prepared to pay the $7-8 per bottle so it was a great surprise


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