Sunday, April 8, 2012

Giveaway Winnings From Eve Nguyen

Hey everyone! You have no idea how excited I was when I got the email from Eve Nguyen letting me know that I won her giveaway on her blog. I was estatic! LOL I may have overreacted when I read it because I started yelling and clapping my hands so loud that I literally scared my little brother. LOL Her giveaway was only for the Urban Decay Single Eyeshadow in Sin but apparently she included a couple of extras, which of course, I didn't mind at all. LOL She was so sweet to do that and I love everything. I can't wait to try everything that she included! She also sent everything with a cute card that had a blue and green flower on it. I will be keeping this since I always keep the cards and/or that come in packages from contests. 

What Eve was kind enough to give:
I love this eyeshadow! It is a gorgeous shade and is also in many of UD palettes like the original NAKED palette. Sin is a shimmery champagne with a touch of pink. It is a gorgeous shade that you can use all over the lid and even wear it by itself. This is definitely one of my favorite UD eyeshadow shades! You can find this at Ulta and Sephora stores. You can also buy it online from the UD website.

This is a very cute nail polish. From looking at the bottle I can tell that this is going to be a sheer polish, which will probably be great for french tip manicures and/or whenever I want a sheer wash of color onto my nails. Jennifer is basically a sheer and neutral pink. This is definitely one of those shades that you can always get away with at work.

I have never tried NYX Roll On Shimmer before and was almost going to buy one at Ulta during the 40% off sale. The mail man handed me the package right when I was locking up the door to head to Ulta so I am glad that I didn't have to buy one. I haven't tried it yet so I don't know how it will do. This can be used on the eyes, face, and body. Its a loose powder with a rollar applicator, kind of like with those old school lip glosses. The packaging is made out of hard plastic. Sea Foam is a really pretty bluish-green with silver shimmer.

I was surprised when I saw this and to tell you truth, I was a little bit confused. LOL That is until I opened the bag up and saw all the goodies inside. This is such a cute makeup bag. Its pink with black hearts. I love pink and I love hearts! I will definitely be using this bag to carry my makeup whenever I am traveling.

So that is all. I just wanted to say again, "THANK YOU EVE!" for everything! You were so kind and sweet for the extra surprises. You didn't have to, but I am glad that you did! LOL Thanks for having the giveaway! So far, I am loving everything! If any of you haven't checked out Eve's blog: CLICK HERE She does great posts with reviews (with tons of swatches) and of course, one of my favorites HAULS! I love seeing other peoples' hauls posts, probably because I am nosy and always want to see what others buy. LOL IDK, what do you think? Do you love seeing haul posts? Which posts are your favorites?

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